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Anorexia Nervosa: Never Being Skinny Enough

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Anger normally breaks out in a family with an anorexic child, but it’s important to not get mad at the child for what’s going on because he or she didn’t mean to cause anger. It’s hard as a friend or family member because he or she might blame everything that’s going wrong on him or herself, but that one thing that needs to be avoided. Focusing on themselves instead of the victim takes away from what truly matters, getting the victim healthy (Thompson, Colleen).
The body needs to be properly nourished to perform correctly. When the body is isn’t hydrated properly, which happens in many anorexic cases, it becomes dehydrated and the anorexic victim can experience fainting, fatigue, weakness or even kidney failure can become evident (Health Consequences of Eating Disorders). Since the body isn’t receiving proper nutrients and proper amounts of fat women-anorexic victim’s menstruating cycles may stop (Shaw, Gina). Another problem that can result from not receiving the proper nutrients is hair loss (Health Consequences of Eating Disorders).
“As the body loses muscle mass, it loses heart muscle at a preferential rate so the heart gets smaller and weaker” (Shaw, Gina). Since the heart is becoming smaller and weaker the circulation of the heart becomes very weak and the anorexic victim becomes extremely weak (Shaw, Gina).
“About half of all anorexics have low white-blood-cell counts, and about a third are anemic” (Shaw, Gina). Anemia is when someone doesn’t have a healthy level of red-blood cells (Anemia, Causes, Types, Symptoms, Diet and Treatment). Anorexia nervosa weakens the immune system’s defense against disease leaving the victim more open to disease (Shaw, Gina).
Bone loss is one of the problems of anorexia nervosa that can’t be fixed. This problem can set in when a victim is only six months in to an anorexic lifestyle (Shaw, Gina). “There’s a narrow window of time to accrue bone mass to last a lifetime. You’re supposed to be pouring in bone and you’re losing it instead” (qtd. in Shaw, Gina).
With much research using brain imaging tools scientists are lead to believe that anorexic’s brains are wired differently than the brains of healthy people (Rosen, Meghan). Researchers aren’t sure whether the brain causes anorexia or whether anorexia changes the brain (Rosen, Meghan).
Guido Frank of the University of Colorado Denver did an experiment to see if the brain chemistry of anorexic and obese people differed from that of healthy people (Rosen, Meghan).
He and his colleagues trained volunteers to link images, such as orange and purple
shapes, with the taste of a sweet solution, slightly salty water, or no liquid. Then, the researchers scanned the women’s brains while showing them the shapes and dispensing the tiny squirts of flavors. But the team threw in a twist: sometimes the flavors didn’t match up with the right images.(Rosen, Meghan)
During the experiment when anorexics received some sugar their brain activity was strong while...

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