Anorexia Nervosa In Stick Figure A Diary Of My Former Self

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The book Stick Figure A Diary Of My Former Self is a personal journal written by Lori Gottlieb when she was 11 years old suffering from anorexia nervosa. “Anorexia nervosa is an eating disorder that causes people to obsess about their weight and the food they eat.” ( Most eating disorders are physiological due to friends and family, stress, and the social media. Anorexia nervosa, like all other eating disorders, is extremely dangerous and unhealthy for the human body to endure. Although eating disorders are destructive to one's life, is there explainable reasoning behind why a person may have one?
“I wish to be the thinnest girl at school, or maybe the thinnest 11 year old on the entire planet.” (Lori Gottlieb) Lori is a fun, loving, and intelligent straight A student. In fact, she is so intelligent that even adults consider her to be an outcast. She grows up in Beverly Hills, California with her self-centered mother, distant father, careless brother, and best friend, Chrissy, whom is a parakeet. Through her self-conscious mother, maturing friends, and her friend’s mother’s obsession with dieting, she becomes more aware of her body and physical appearance. Something that once meant nothing to Lori now is her entire world. She started off by just skipping breakfast on her family vacation to Washington, D.C., soon to escalate to one meal a day, and eventually hardly anything other than a few glasses of water. Lori’s friends at school begin to compliment her weight loss and beg for her advice on how she did so. But as Lori once read in one of her many dieting books, her dieting skills are her “little secret”, and she intends on keeping it that way. It is said, “Women continue to follow the standards of the ideal thin body because of how they are rewarded by being in the right body.”(Hesse-Biber, 595) But when Lori’s parents begin to notice her anorexic figure and change in attitude that once was their beautiful and intelligent daughter, instead of praising her for how good she looks like her friends did, they take her to the pediatrician. Dr. Katz then prescribes her to drink three eight-ounce glasses of whole milk per day to help her gain weight, at which she disagrees to do. Without following the doctor’s orders Lori is referred to a psychologist to sort out her problems. But again Lori refuses to cooperate with the doctors. Throughout all of the doctors visits Lori is not getting any better, in fact she is getting worse, way worse. Eventually Lori’s psychologist has her admitted into the hospital due to her extreme weight loss and failure to comply with the doctors. While in the hospital she becomes more depressed and lonely. But this is not when Lori realizes the intensity of her disorder or how scary she looked. It was when her parents later took her out to dinner with her brother that Lori finally saw the destruction she had done to herself.
“The first thing I saw when I walked into the bathroom was a really skinny girl who...

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