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Anorexia Treatment. Essay

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Anorexia TreatmentHere's a question, how would you feel if you found out that your friend had just committed suicide? How would you feel if you knew you could have stopped her/him from doing it years ago? That's what I call Anorexia Nervosa, suicide. In definition it's the deliberate self-starvation with intense weight loss. Patients have a persistent fear of gaining weight, they refuse to eat, their always on a diet, always exercising the list goes on and on all the way to excessive body/facial hair because of inadequate protein in their diet. Which comes to my last question why isn't this mental illness being taken more seriously? I want to know why the treatment of these patients aren't adequate nor effective the majority of the times, how they are expected to pay for it even when forced into treatment, and why our society isn't even trying to prevent it?There are many types of treatment for people who suffer from anorexia nervosa: palliative care (active care without a cure), hospitalization, and psychiatric care, group therapy, to name a few. Also many of the treatments are combined most common is a patient being hospitalized and then receiving therapy. Unfortunately these treatments have shown that they aren't very effective, only 50% of the patients treated are released or stop receiving care are labeled "cured" meaning they are at a safe weight (at least 85% of the normal weight for their height and age) and without showing more than a few symptoms of their illness which includes depression, fear of gaining weight, cutting themselves, the overwhelming urge to be in control of everything that surrounds them, mood swings...etc. So if a 5'4" women left a hospital weighing 107 lb. And showing signs of depression along with mood swings and still not wanting to gain weight would you say she was cured? I know I wouldn't, but obviously this is good enough for everyone. This must explain why 41% of patients labeled cured relapse and return to their old anorexic habits or the even more astonishingly 82% that change over to anorectic bulimia (type of anorexia where person will purge even if they only ate small amount of food). Another interesting fact about these "cured" patients is that after ten years of being released 68% of them were in major depression and over a lifetime 54% continued to stay in major depression.Most people don't realize the time, money and effort put into these treatments, it is not unusual to have a patient be hospitalized consistently off and on for over two years, and this doesn't include therapy which can go over ten years before any visible improvement is seen. Who pays for this? Majority right out of the patients' pocket or families. Many insurance companies refuse to pay for therapy because it is a voluntary commitment....

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1081 words - 4 pages hospitalization the patient will be weighed daily after urination. The following are other procedure in hospitalization: daily fluid intake and urine out put, if vomiting Serum Electrolytes must be regularly tested, bathroom should be inaccessible for two hours after meals, follow a diet of 1,500 to 2,000 calories a day, and six equal feedings through out the day (Long 19). Drugs also play an important role in the treatment of Anorexia Nervosa

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