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A Keypad Door Lock is an overwhelming purchase for some people. Read this buyers guide to get the best keypad lock for your needs.

A Keypad Door Lock is a high involvement purchase. Buying a lasting product to protect your valuables should be as easy as reading this guide.

Keypad Door Lock: Buyers Guide
Purchasing a new keypad door lock is definitely a high involvement decision. You want a product that lasts and offers the protection your loved ones deserve. Choosing the right lock can be overwhelming though, since there are many technical specifications to consider.

We decided to help you out and break down the very basics of a high-quality keypad lock, so next time you do a product research will know exactly what to look for.

1. Choose a Security Level
Before moving on to any other features, you need to check for the security level of the keypad lock. All keypad door locks have a bolt for temporary use and a latch for ...view middle of the document...

2. Look for a Functional Keypad Lock
A sophisticated lock will be of no use if it is difficult to handle. It doesn't mean that it should be easy to open, but the system has to be user-friendly enough to suit the final user. Make sure to check if the product allows multiple users, which will be necessary to grant access to a shared lock.

At this stage you should also check for installation requirements. Surface-mounted locks sit entirely on the door material. If this is not an option for your door, then you should consider a recessed mount lock, which sits in a routed space of the door. Offset installation connects both sides of the unit by cable.

Read our previous blog post: How do Digital Locks Work?

3. Looks and extra features
There is no reason for a highly secure lock to have an eye-catching design. Digilock keypad locks are all metal, stylish, and fully functional. They work with or without integral pull handles to adapt to your existing doors.

Additional features you will find on advanced keypad locks include:
● Versatile body orientation
● Additional help like audiovisual indicators
● Web-based management software for full usage control
● ADA user key slot for configuration access

4. Price
Once you have narrowed down the features you required of your new keypad door lock, it is time to start comparing prices. We recommend you to look at the price last, in order to go for the best available option without compromising your product expectations. There are also possibilities for discounts and promotions, so contact your potential provider before making a definitive order.
Standard Quality $144 - $148
Advanced Security $144 - $198
High Security $219 - $273

5. Post-purchase Services
Regardless of product quality, it’s always comforting to know someone will help you in case of any issues. Digilocks Keypad door locks come with a 2 year warranty, as well as online guides for operation and programming. Video instructions are available on the website and you can also contact the experts at 1.877.562.5755.

Browse DigitalLocksOnline.com to learn about the latest products the digital locks world has to offer. Leave a comment below to let us know if this post was helpful and what other doubts you have about the advanced keypad door locks.

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