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HOW TO WRITE A FIVE PARAGRAPH ESSAYIt is not literally "How to write" but "what it contains" to have an effective essay with 5 paragraphs.COMART II : Writing Five Paragraph Essay is composed of different parts or sectorsIntroductionBodyConclusionKnowing how to write a five-paragraph essay is essential for developing good composition skills. It gives the author an easy format for clear organization and explanation of a topic. Many literature and composition classes require five-paragraph essays because of the simplicity and clarity they bring to a specific topic, and that is why understanding the five-paragraph essay is important. A five-paragraph essay consists of three parts-the introduction, the body, and the conclusion-and each part plays a role that is vital to the structure and presentation of the essay.The introduction consists of one paragraph. This paragraph introduces the reader to the topic and outlines what the reader will learn from the essay. In the introduction, a hook is important to grab the reader's attention and is usually the first sentence. At the end of the introduction a transitional sentence is helpful so that the essay flows seamlessly from one paragraph to the next. As important as having a hook is to grab attention, the thesis statement is the most important aspect of the introductory paragraph. The thesis is the concise wording of what will be discussed in the body of the paragraph. It should include three main points that correspond to the three body paragraphs that follow the introduction.The body of the essay consists of three paragraphs that correspond to the three main points made in the thesis statement. Each paragraph will go into more detail on one point and explain why this point supports your opinion or topic. The body paragraphs should contain examples drawn from facts and evidence. They should also contain an explanation of the facts and evidence. The end of each body paragraph needs to contain a conclusion statement that helps prove the thesis. The body is vital to the structure of the essay because it solidifies what was stated in the thesis. Once the body has been developed, a proper conclusion can be made from the introduction and body paragraphs.The conclusion takes the information presented in the body of the essay and ties it back to the thesis statement. In the conclusion, the thesis statement will be restated and the body paragraphs summarized to show how the conclusion came about. The conclusion is vital to the structure of the essay because it summarizes in a concise manner what the author was presenting in the essay and signals the essay has come to an end.The introduction, body, and conclusion are all important to a five-paragraph essay because each section provides both structure that makes the essay flow from one paragraph to the next and important information that backs up the author's thesis statement. The introduction introduces the topic and sets the tone, the body explains the topic using...

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Coffee Drinkers' Unknown Role in Society

3017 words - 12 pages about their lives and their culture. Through this experience, I, as an American, built relationships with coffee drinkers in Nicaragua. My time spent in Nicaragua shows how, other than by increasing trade, coffee drinkers can contribute to and increased social capital between the United States and foreign countries. Investigating another way that coffee drinkers increase the social capital in the United States is Steven Topik in his article

coffee Essay

1237 words - 5 pages shops which include: Starbucks Coffee, Dunkin’ Donuts, Costa Coffee, and The Coffee Bean. The company is dominated by few powerful firms who can act interpedently and react from one another how it wishes. All the firms create a homogenous product in coffee, although some may be different, but not substitutes. In addition these firms are allowed to cut or rise prices, but the competition will react to the others decisions. According to a John

Comparing The Caffeine Content of Tea and Coffee

1212 words - 5 pages are caused because robusta beans, coffee beans that have more diterpenes, is what is used in the decaffeination processes. Osteoporosis occurs when a person drinks coffee regularly because this causes a person to lose five milligrams of calcium (Jadhay,, 2010). Another thing that causes osteoporosis are the chemicals indecaf coffee because of low bone density (Jadhay,, 2010).Theoretical and Conceptual FrameworkCaffeine is

The Fetishism of Coffee in America

1343 words - 5 pages the material item to take control of their lives. This is allowed to happen because the producers of material commodities do not come into contact with one another. Therefore, there is no thought put into how laborious, and time-consuming, it was to create the commodity (Marx in Desfor Edles and Appelrouth 2012:68, 73). It is evident that there are many things being fetishized in present day. Specialty coffee has been become increasingly

The History of Coffee

3128 words - 13 pages , Spain and North Africa.Attempts to ban coffee during these early years occurred quite regularly.In 1511, Khair Beg, the corrupt governor of Mekke, was executed after attempting to ban coffee, fearing that it's influence might foster opposition to his rule.As soon as the Sultan had heard about this,he declared that coffee is sacred and ordered the governor's death. Another man,The Grand Vizir of the Ottoman Empire,tried to ban coffee in 1656. He

Marketing Analysis of Costa Cafee in the UK.

3424 words - 14 pages cannot negotiate prices proposed by coffee shops (like in a Business-to-Business market) and its power does not really exist.Power of suppliersPower of suppliers in the coffee shop is weak because:* there are numerous suppliers over the world* the switching cost from one supplier to another is low* the brand of the supplier is not powerful: small coffee farmers* the supplier's customer are not very fragmentedThere are no supplier leaders which mean

Pacific Coffee Marketing Plan

1321 words - 5 pages them is status quo. 4. Existing Target Market Pacific Coffee has two major target markets, office staff and students. The office staff's age is around 25 to 35, their income is about $15,000 to $25,000 per month. Their social class is lower middle class. Their lifestyle is accustomed to buy coffee and some food every morning. They mostly work in commercial district. Another target is students. Their age around 14 to 20.Their income is about

Coffee, Caffeine and Health

1629 words - 7 pages . frequency of taking coffee Frequency no. of responses Below 3 66 3-4 20 5-6 5 7-8 4 above 8 2 Total 97 According to the table 2, keeping alert (53%), raising attention (33%), and sleeping disorder (26%) were the main effects among the students. Such data confirm the effects brought out by Gupta and Gupta. Another finding from our questionnaire is that


1804 words - 8 pages learned about coffee from Alfred Peet, the owner of Peet’s Coffee. He helped the three founders to open another store in 1972. After eight years, Siegl left the company to manage other business. Later on, Starbucks was continuing grow. In 1988, it already had 26 stores. Four years later, it operated 165 stores. In 2011, it has more than 17,000 stores in over 50 countries. Out of existing 17,000 stores, approximately 8,870 stores are company-owned

Green Mountain Coffe

1521 words - 6 pages stores accounted for 14.4%. In August of 1998 Convenience Store Magazine awarded its ?Best Coffee Presentation? award to Mobil for its display?s featuring Green Mountain Coffee. Two other supermarket chains that are helping establish Green Mountain as the leader in supermarket specialty coffee is Shaw?s and Stop & Shop. American Skiing Company is another large wholesale customer of Green Mountains. They have nine alpine ski resorts including

STARBUCKS COFFEE CORPORATION: Introduction The aim of this report is

2112 words - 8 pages STARBUCKS COFFEE CORPORATION: Introduction The aim of this report is to submit a structured analysis of the company using various analytical tools. The analysis will then provide the basis for formulating a conclusion and offering my recommendations.ANALYSIS Strengths: Leadership: Howard Schultz recognized the potential of Italian style coffee houses and introduced the concept to the United States. Against resistance from within the company he

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1434 words - 6 pages Ocean. (McGrath) The green color is also another symbol that represents the environment and the raw coffee beans. Therefore, Starbucks coffee descriptive strategy communicates its brand by presenting their environmental and cultural beliefs within providing its high quality coffee beans supplied from exotic countries. (McGrath) Relationships Starbucks Coffee has developed strong relationships to expand its brand successfully across the world

5 Forces Analysis Of Specialty Coffee Industry

751 words - 3 pages in order to obtain their desired product. It would be virtually impossible for most consumers to grow and roast their own specialty coffee. (Or any coffee for that matter) h) Customers can easily switch from one seller to another within the specialty coffee industry. As well as leave the specialty coffee genre entirely.Suppliers a) There are a limited number of suppliers available to the industry. It is estimated the 1/3 of the coffee farms in the

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1945 words - 8 pages breathe for a few minutes, and afterwards the cupper will remove the grinds at the top of the brew, before taking another sniff of its aroma and tasting can now begin (National Coffee Association, n.d). In tasting the coffee, the cupper takes a quick sip, about a spoonful of the brew. The reason for this action is to spray the coffee evenly on his or her taste buds, and then weigh the aroma before spitting it out. This tasting process is done

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1424 words - 6 pages share. Coffee drinks, such as Espressos, Cappuccinos, Frappuccinos, Lattes, and Mochas were developed as an anytime coffee drink. Chocolate covered coffee beans are another innovation that expands the use of coffee in a nontraditional way, as a snack.The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf is the oldest and largest privately held chain of specialty coffee and tea stores in the United States. The Coffee Bean's objective when it comes to design and creativity