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Another Concept For A 12 Minute Script.

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Dave, 17, lives at home with his parents. His father, a regimental, structured, conservative old man is forcing his son to study law. He claims he knows best and Dave must grow up and live a life like his and not let woman change his mind. Dave is but a daydreamer and has his own ideals in life, but he's decided to commit suicide to stop him from hurting his dad. His literature teacher is his mentor and pushes him to follow his heart - but he has just been assigned to teach in another school.Dave wakes up at 6:00 am and turns off his alarm before it has even started. He slips on his neatly placed slippers and proceeds to make his bed. He scratches and yawns and makes for the toilet. Dave flosses and brushes his teeth, and humming a tune while the birds chirp outside his window. He washes his face and goes downstairs for some breakfast.His dad who has already showered and gotten dressed for work, which is starting in two hours, meets him. His father Pat reminds Dave to stop whistling in the mornings and to stop slouching. Dave makes some breakfast and coffee and relentlessly tells Pat about the poem he wrote last night. Pat seems very disturbed and tries to ignore his son's statement. Dave takes it out and asks his dad to read it; Pat snatches it away and reads it with a stern look on his face. Pat tells him to get his act together, get his head out...

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6580 words - 26 pages dog walking, dog grooming and dog sitting services in their owner's homes. We will provide these services on a daily basis, only on certain days, or for extended periods of time. Our basic services include visiting the pet in their home, taking them for a walk, playing with them, feeding them and straightening their area. The home visits will be scheduled in 20 to 30 minute intervals. In addition, we will offer an array of expanded services that

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2302 words - 9 pages after finishing his book Hard Freight.Ampted by the recognition he came out with another book Bloodlines. After T. S. Eliot, Charles Wright has been the modern poet in English most afflicted and gifted by a sense of his own insufficiency before the absolute. One of his poems "Death" in China Trace (1977) was raved about for years. Through his startling figures and his eloquent rhythms, he has intimated an unthinkable glory of which life is

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