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Another Creative Writing Project, This Time About A First Date. The Essay Was Supposed To Be Funny, I'm Not Sure How Funny I Ended Up Being.

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Have you ever been on a blind date? If you have then you know what a nerve-wracking situation it can be. If you have never been on one, good luck if and when you do. You're going to need it. This was my experience:Oh my god. I must be nuts. The nice young men in their clean white coats are going to take me away to the funny farm. Just like in the song! At least then life will be wonderful all the time. Who in their right mind would agree to go out with some guy she's never met?? Oh, yea, me. I must be an idiot."Cheryl, where are we meeting them?""Huh?""Where are we meeting the guys? You know, the male part of our species??""Oh, at Luka's Diner, on 22.""Don't worry Jenn, Cheryl's in La-La Land. I'll give you the directions.""Thanks Sarah, What's gotten..."I stopped paying attention to them again. All I could think about were all the different scenarios that could possibly happen. He wouldn't show up. He'd show up and laugh in my face. He showed up earlier and thought I had ditched him. Oh lord, the possibilities were endless. He'd hate me, I knew it. He'd think I was a silly, stupid teenager. I'm going to spill something on myself tonight, oh god or worse yet, spill something on him! Oh dear lord in heaven, help me! I silently prayed that I'd make it through this evening unscarred, and if at all possible, with my pride intact!"Earth to Cheryl... Come in Cheryl!""Huh, what? What I'd miss?""You're date if you don't stop daydreaming and get out of the damn car!""Yea, me and Sarah aren't going to meet these guys ourselves!"I followed my two best friends into the shiny silver building. The red and blue neon lights flickered slightly. Our dates hadn't shown up yet so we three girls headed to our safe haven. The lady's room. We touched up make-up, we fixed hair, we giggled like the nervous little school girls we were. The loud ringing of my phone scared us all. They had called to tell us that they were outside. And then, the moment of truth.With one last look in the mirrors and a tight group hug we headed out to meet with our destiny. We plastered anxious smiles as we walked out the doors to greet the three young men that awaited us. This was my blind date, but Jenn and Sarah came as my moral support. There was no way I was meeting this guy by myself. As it had turned out; I hadn't been the only one in need of the support.I caught sight of them through the glass doors. Jude, Chris, and Dave. I recognized Jude from the picture I had seen. Long...

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