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Another Day In History Essay

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I remember the morning of September 11, 2001. I was a sophomore in high school. My first class of the day was body development, and since the gym did not have any TV's, I had no idea what had happened until I walked into my second period class. I looked up at the TV as I walked into the room, and the first thing that I saw were the words "America Attacked". I thought that it was a joke or even a movie that someone had brought from home.All day during my classes, we either discussed the attack, or watched it on the news. To tell you the truth though, I do not really remember what was said during the discussions or even what the TV had to say. It just did not seem real to me all the way over ...view middle of the document...

Both of these disasters had the same outcome, if not worse than the 9/11 attacks. I remember watching those on TV as well. President George Bush came on and said that we were doing everything that we could; the National Guard had been sent; food had been sent; people were helping with clean up, etc. Even here, in Jerome, Idaho, we had relief funds where all the proceeds went to help those in need. Everyone was heartbroken and doing their best to help the victims out.I find it amazing how fast Americans can pull together to help those in need. I also find it interesting how fast Americans can lose interest, as well. The last time that I saw a donation box for the hurricane disasters was before Christmas. The last time that I remember seeing a donation box for the tsunamis was in May or maybe even April of last year (2005). Don't these people still need our help? Did everyone already rebuild their homes, and are already living happy little lives again? Many times, we lose interest in an event if it is no longer on TV. Have you seen anything about September 11th, the hurricanes, or the tsunamis lately? It is as if we personally were not affected, or the TV is not broadcasting about the event anymore. Who cares now?In the age that we live in, television is, for most people, the main source of information received. Since the primary purpose for TV is to...

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