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Another Essay On Axis Powers Defeat

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World War Two was the most diverse conflict ever to take place. From its starting point in central Europe it then escalated to North Africa, Russia and the Pacific. Due to advances in military technology, such as tanks, submarines and improved aircraft, battles were no longer stagnant and drawn out, instead conquests took weeks rather than years. In addition to technological improvements, Germany and the Axis Powers had developed radical new military tactics. Known as Blitzkrieg it involved concentrating force in an attack as one weak point in the enemy lines, then after having encircled the enemy the Germans would attack from two sides. The effectiveness of this tactic had a dramatic effect on the German advance. After the exponential growth of German occupied territory from 1939 to 1941 where German forces had remained undefeated came a 2nd a phase of the conflict. German defeat in the Battle of Britain sparked a chain of other axis failures that eventually led to their defeat.With Britain left as the only unoccupied country in Western Europe, Hitler was now able to focus his attention solely on its conquest. 'Operation Sealion' was implemented as its final objective was the land invasion and conquest of Britain. But for this to be achieved it was first necessary to defeat the RAF and achieve air supremacy in the skies above Britain. Although vastly outranked in terms of both aircraft and experienced pilots, the German Luftwaffe was unable to defeat the RAF. Also the British army had left most of its weapons on the beaches at Dunkirk. Stalin was in no mood to challenge Hitler. The US shocked by the fall of France. The Germans hoped to subdue the British by starving them out. In June 1940 they undertook the Battle of Atlantic using submarine warfare to cut the British liveliness. The Germans now had the submarine bases in Norway and France. The Germans had only 28 submarines but more were built enough to keep in Britain in danger until the spring of 1943 and to carry on the battle for months thereafter. Hitler's aim was to cross the English Channel and would not risk it unless the British air force could be neutralized first. As a result the battle of Britain was fought in the air. Their objective was to draw out the British fighters and destroy them. The Germans failed to reckon with a new device, radar, which greatly increased the British fighters' effectiveness. A large proportion of the reason for the German defeat was a catastrophic change in tactics. Having initially targeted strategically important sites such as airfields and radar stations the Luftwaffe redirected their attacks onto urban areas such as London and Coventry. Sources suggest that as little another week of strategic bombing would have seen the defeat of RAF. This was the first of tow major strategic errors made by Hitler during the course of the war. Also As a result ' Operation Sealion' was scrapped and German attention shifted to the invasion of the USSR.When evaluating...

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