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Another Holocaust Essay

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The children, innocent beyond their wildest dreams, were mangled, cut off of their pride, and were taken out of this world, all because of how someone saw them. Because of their parents race, they suffered to the point of extinction all in their quest to lead a normal life. Many people face racial profiling in this world, but the offspring between German women and African men were mistreated to the maximum. Even though the Jews were treated unfairly, the African Americans experienced one of the ugliest times in world history in their own Holocaust.

Leading up to one of the ugliest times in world history, it all started back in the Rhinelands of Germany. During World War I, the French came ...view middle of the document...

According to NewsOne Staff, by 1937, the Gestapo had secretly rounded up and forcibly sterilized many of them. Some were subjected to medical experiments while others just simply disappeared. They could not attend any universities, and racial discrimination made it hard to find any jobs, including the military.

Going through all this torture the Black Germans experienced, some might be wonder who was the mastermind behind all this? The answer is Adolf Hitler, although he did not have a systematic plan behind it, he is still responsible for trying to eliminate a whole race of human beings. He started wiping out Black Germans in 1918, and his most successful reigning was in the late 1930’s. Once Hitler caught/kidnapped the Black Germans he packed them into cattle cars just like he did with the Jews. “Often these trains were so packed with people (equipped with no bathroom or food and water) that, after the 4 day journey, box car doors were opened to piles of the dead and the dying.” (“Black German Holocaust.”). The journey just alone caused a mass amount of deaths. There is no exact number recorded, but it is estimated that Hitler is responsible for murdering around 400 German African children. If the train ride to the camps were deadly, then imagine how the camps could have been.

The lives of the Rhineland Bastards while being held in...

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