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Another Side Of New York Essay

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It’s all about the sound of cars beeping and people talking on their phone. What makes me sweet is the heat from people walking on the street in this hot summer morning of June. The scents of cologne and odor from every person I walk by create a mix and strange smell. There are lines of people everywhere, from restaurants to shops to even bathrooms. I’ve only been here for less than an hour but it feels like I’ve been stay at this place for a while as the city is too well known. I can’t take my eyes of those tall buildings and those signature yellow cabs as I walk along the street.
This is my first trip to New York City. It’s my dream city, however it turns out to be a noisy, busy, and crazy city where there’s noise and people everywhere. I got to go to New York thanks to Linh N., who asked me if I want to join her as her school has a trip to New York. We, two young girls who barely know anything about New York yet we tour the whole Manhattan.
New York City, everyone knows it. It’s one of the most populous and diverse city in the world. There, one can find any people from any countries and anything one could think of. It’s a city of stock, arts, entertainment, tourism, cuisine, and etc. Wall Streets, Statue of Liberty, Times Square, and Central Park are only a few famous attractions in New York, there’s much more.
It was an early morning around 7, where I can feel and smell the breeze of the grass and the air. I can hear the birds singing clearly with their beautiful voice. And in front of me are a white giant bus and a few cars parking at a huge empty parking area. Different from the attractive and exciting New York, where I live is a different world. It’s the peaceful Harrisburg, where there are mostly trees and mountains.
Linh wears a yellow T-shirt with blue short jeans and Nike athletic shoes. Her brown leather back pack is full of food includes chips, water, hamburger and even pizza. Her short-black hair matches her small figure. She has the wild side of her which I have never seen before. She seems to be young at her twenty year of age.
My outfit includes blue skinny pant and a white tank top with yellow chiffon blouse outside showed the colorful side of me. I matched my outfit with black Converse sneaker, my favorite. I have on a light makeup and leave out my straighten hair. I want to look fashionable as I’m going to such a fashionable city of New York.
We get on the bus and begin our three hours ride to New York City, I was very excited. While everyone doesn’t seem as excited as I am; they were all sleeping because it was early morning. Whereas I can’t stop talking to Linh about any random things I could think of. We shared about our childhood and old school day stories when we were in Vietnam. And as time click by, we were only 10 minutes away from the central city of New York. Everyone starts taking their phone and camera out, many are taking pictures, while others are tweeting. I was excited and start taking my camera out too....

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