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Ansel Adams was a very influential person and he was also a very involved person in society. For example, he developed the Zone System which is a very important aspect to photography. Ansel Adams and his photography were very influential to the history of photography and to society.

Ansel Adams influenced the history of photography by coming up with a new way to expose their photographs and he was a very influential person/photographer in the 20 century. Adams, with Fred Archer, he developed the zone system that is a technique for translating light into specific sizes on negatives, allowing photographers to have better control over the exposure of their photographs. Another example of how ...view middle of the document...

Other photographers and nature also influenced Ansel Adams. An example of this is that Adams said, “Everything I have done or felt is in some way influenced by the impact of the Natural Scene.” He also preferred black and white film over color because he thought it looked more natural. Another example is that Adams states that working with all the photographers in the group f/64, he learned a lot from them and he was very eager to work with them. This shows that other photographers also influenced Ansel Adams because if he was eager to work with them he could have been eager to learn what knowledge he could learn from them. A final example that nature influenced Ansel Adams is that, in his youth, he wanted to be a concert pianist but after he saw negatives made by Paul Strand, he chose to become a photographer and contributed to the forming of a new insight on photography in the West. Therefore, other photographers and nature also influenced Ansel Adams.

Ansel Adams was involved in helping society because he was very involved in groups that help society and the environment. One example that he was involved in helping society is that he had photographs in a book, called Sierra Nevada: The John Muir Trail, that are credited with aiding the securing of the designation of Sequoia and Kings Canyon as national parks. This shows that he was involved in helping society...

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