Ansel Adams: America's Most Beloved Photographer

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Ansel Adams was born in San Francisco California on February 20, 1902. He was an only child of Charles and Olive Adams. He trained as a classic pianist, who then started to be interested in photography and forgot about the piano. He became America's most talented and beloved nature and landscape photographer.
Ansel started school but was a poor student and did not like going to school In 1908. his father took him out of school and had him privately tutored In 1915. His father bought his son a year pass to Panama Pacific International Exposition. This Exposition had exhibits on painters, science, machinery, and photography. "It was also the first time that he experienced photography as an art form in three prints exhibited by photographer Edward Weston, who he then later collaborated in the f/64 Group project and became a good friend"(Basil Canon 1).

Ansel then became interested in music, his favorite was the piano. Ansel began to teach his self how to play. He started to like it so much music because very serious to him. After the father started to recognize his son's talent, he started to look for a tutor. When he found one he hired Marie Butler, for his son. Marie taught Ansel for three years. As Ansel was getting good at playing the piano he started to think about becoming a pianist and playing in a concert.

Yosemite was Ansel’s first trip with his family in 1916. While on this trip he started to have interest in photography. He took his first photo on the smallest camera which was called the Kodak Camera which was his first camera to have. As Ansel started to progress as a photographer his life started to become interesting with the love of nature around .With Ansel attempting to committe the magic of Yosemite on film, he demonstrated the beginning of an great talent which was to make him the worlds class photographer". (Basil Canon 2)

Ansel’s parents persuaded him to attend school again. His parent put him in Mrs. Kate Wilkins' private school. He graduated from the eighth grade at Mrs. Wilkins' school in 1917. Since he graduated it showed the end of Ansel's Academic Career. After he finished school he continued to study the piano, and photography in which he found lots of interest in. Ansel started to teach himself the basic principles of photography. He found a job at Fred Dittman, in San Francisco working part-time for a photo finisher. While working there he started to get experience with the dark room. Will Dassonville, was a neighbor to Ansel, he was a technician and manufacturer of photographic papers. “Will Dassonville became an inspiration to Ansel and brought his attention the true extent of photography to which photography could be developed into and art form". (Basil Canon 3)

As years went past Ansel continued his love for photography and continued to teach himself while still pursuing the piano. While teaching his self He became to like in nature and the environment. Ansel took a position at the Sierra...

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