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Ansel Adams Life And Accomplishments Essay

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Ansel Adams, one of the most well-known landscape photographers, was born on February 20th, 1902 in San Francisco, California. Adams was an only child raised by his parents Charles Hitchcock Adams and Olive Bray, but had a much more influential, supportive, and encouraged relationship with his father. As a child, Adams had issues fitting in with his classmates at school due to his “[n]atural shyness and a certain intensity of genius” as well as having a busted, broken nose due to the fall he had from the aftershock of the earthquake in 1906 (Turnage). Not only did he have issues fitting into school, but he had issues with schooling as well; he had trouble succeeding in the various schools he was sent to which led to him being homeschooled by his aunt and father. Later on in life, he realized that the issues in schooling may have been due to the chance he may have had dyslexia. After much tutoring at home, he earned a “legitimizing diploma from the Mrs. Kate M. Wilkins Private School” which is about “equivalent to having completed the eighth grade” (Turnage).
Adams not only was an excellent photographer, but he even taught himself to play the piano and read music at only twelve years old. Not much after teaching himself how to play, he began to take lessons which became a “substitute for formal schooling” for him (Turnage). He spent twelve years of his life committed to the piano and even planned on making it his profession. Although, he ended up giving up on music, playing the piano brought structure and discipline in his life; the training and craft also helped enlighten his artistic vision. His artistic vision was not only enlightened by his practice of the piano, but by his love of nature as well. His love of nature began by him growing up by the Golden Gate. It kept growing when he started to spend a lot of his time at the Yosemite Sierra. He fell in love with nature from his first visit to the sierra. “He began using the Kodak No. 1 Box Brownie his parents had given him” to capture photographs of the beautiful scenery (Turnage). He would hike, climb, and explore the area which increased his appreciation for nature. He ended up joining the Sierra Club in 1919 which was important to his early success as a photographer. He even met his wife, Virginia Best, while being part of the Sierra Club in Yosemite (Turnage).
Adams first published his photographs in the Sierra Club’s bulletin of 1922; he even had his first exhibition at the club’s headquarters in San Francisco in 1928 (Turnage). 1927 was a huge year for Adams because he ended up meeting Albert M. Bender who helped him start up his career. The day after they met, Bender ended up setting up the preparation and publication of Adams’ first portfolio of his prints of the Sierras. Adams’ life changed in a positive way by having Bender as an encouraging friend and as a financial support; Adams ended up having more confidence in pursuing his photography career. Ansel Adams’ work and reputation...

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