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Seniors around the nation are currently applying to colleges and universities that they’re interested in attending, hoping that the person with the proverbial rubber stamp gives them permission to enroll at that particular institution. These admission officials have to consider many factors, including test scores, GPA, financial situation, and even the diversity of the student. One of the most crucial and dreaded portions of the admissions process is essays. Essays that are usually just a “response to a generic, open-ended question.” This very essay is a response to an open-ended question. It will be used to judge me as an applicant for the Honors College and Scholarships at my top choice school. Is this fair? Yes. This is a very fair way to be judged.
The written response portion of admissions is often criticized because it may not allow for an admissions officer to fully grasp the applicant as a person. It is also criticized due to many essays being formulaic; after all the required ingredients are put through a cookie cutter, and it’s reviewed by multiple teachers and counselors, the essay is sent off to the institution to be judged. Then repeat these steps for each institution. Essays are difficult, time-consuming, and stressful, and if the official doesn’t like one, it’s just put on the stack of other rejected essays that weren’t good enough for that particular school. It’s a process that many would consider to be cutthroat- I’ve even heard it referred to as ruthless. All that time and effort, and there’s a chance that someone doesn’t let a person into his/her college because that official didn’t like the applicant’s essay, and that essay might not even resemble the student at all as a person. The next two to eight years of a student’s life come down to white papers with his/her words on them. In all honesty, that’s a terrifying prospect to imagine. I believe that I have a lot to offer as a student and as a person. I’ve lived in a foreign country, Mexico; I speak two languages, Spanish and English; I bring unique cultural perspectives due...

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