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All novels have conflict therefore the plot stays thrilling with excitement for the reader. Conflict is to come into collision, disagreement or clash for the character to learn. The following ideas will argue how ‘Answer to Burt’ applies conflict to sustain an interesting scenario. The personas in the novel experience Family problems, socio-economic status, animal welfare and many other illegal acts, however they all overcome these paths in the ending.One example for conflict is the low socio-economic condition in the Macey Family. The Macey family lives in a caravan park showing a low socio-economic status. Other events from the novel showing socio-economic status are when: Steve sold Brut to Terry for money, Steve was desperate for money therefore he gambles in dog fight that their family couldn’t afford a bull-terrier or any other dog and not repaying Mr Ramsay. One event was even Kel and Caspian were going to go to the warehouse therefore Kel told Caspian to pay for the fare and when Kel sold Brut instead of returning him back. This shows how the Macey family has a low socio-economic status.Dialogue from the story proving the point of socio-economic status was when Kel asked his mum “Haven’t we got any money, Mum” on page 21and on page 30 “We needed the money so badly”.Therefore readers can see how the lack of money causes conflict between families, their loved ones and their pets.This theme, animal welfare presents different categories of conflict which adds to the tension of the story. Events from the novel on animal welfare are that when Terry starved Brut so he could make Brut angry. Brut is a victim of this theme because Terry used him in dog fight and gambling showing animal welfare, he made brut fight and get injured in dog fights. Brut was abused by Terry because Terry wasn’t giving Brut proper nutrition, shelter, exercise and a high level of cleanliness but the most extreme case was torture and neglect of dogs which could have caused death.Quotes from the novel proving animal welfare “That dog needs a beating,” his mother would say, on page 11 and on page 16 the owner shouted “Next time I’ll hit one of you. Now get lost the lot of you.”As a result this theme is necessary to make the novel interesting make this the heart of the novel.The final theme...

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