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2. There are a number of reasons why people should be generally moral. The main reason being is a good sense of morality will promote human flourishing and ameliorate human suffering more so than if people were not moral, or people were all strict ethical egoists. Without people acting morally the world would be an even more chaotic place, there would be no or very little regard for other humans as well as little regard for the environment and the law. I believe that ethical egoists, even though it is not their belief, should most definitely subscribe publicly to morality simply for the fact of human betterment. Moral principles are instilled on a society to maintain order and guide our actions; this is the underlying reason for publicity of morality. Also another aspect of the morality of community life states that moral rules appeal to all people in similar situations, this is the idea of univeralizabilty, and is a very intricate piece of the idea of morality. In my opinion in any conflicting situation there is always a morally right or morally wrong conclusion in which you can make. The difference between a ethical egoists decision in this situation and that of a normal person is that the egoist asks themselves, is this going to better me, which in my opinion is simply ridiculous. I think that there are certainly situations in which an individual ethical egoist should look past himself and think of the best interests of others as well. For example if there was a person holding onto a ledge and about to plummet to their death, essentially an ethical egoist wouldn't help them, because it really isn't in their best interest, they don't physically benefit from helping this person. However, it is situations like this that I feel exceptions must be made, I feel that helping this person live another day is morally rewarding in itself, it gives you a sense of pride in which you made a drastic difference in ones life and that in the eyes of a ethical egoist could possibly be looked at as a person benefit as well.3. As listed in the book there are actually five moral purposes. These purposes are: 1. To keep society from falling apart, 2. To ameliorate human suffering, 3. To promote human flourishing, 4. To resolve conflicts of interest in just and orderly way, and 5. To assign praise and blame, reward and punishment, and guilt. These 4 principles are the basis for morality. I feel that Utilitarianism in no way fulfills all of these purposes however; it definitely promotes a few of them. First Utilitarianism has a few flaws, due to the fact that the purpose of utilitarianism is to do what produces the most good, something is right if it produces the most good. For example if someone is robbing your house should you...

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