Answers To Questions Regarding Healthcare: Class Questionnaire

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1. In most of these countries, does universal coverage provide the gold standard of care?
What is the gold standard of care? The Gold Standard of care is framework aimed to ensure all patients have a good death; basically this is the end of life care. There is no single gold standard; its eligibility and assessment requires multiple viewpoints. The gold standard has five goals.
• Consistent high quality care;
• Alignment with patients’ preferences;
• Pre-planning and expectancy of needs;
• Improved staff self-assurance and teamwork;
• More home-based, less hospital based care (GSF, 2010).
Universal coverage is provided in almost all these countries because of public and private funds. ...view middle of the document...

Other countries include a right to health care in their constitutional documents by providing universal health coverage as a matter of right to their citizens. (Hoffman, 2013)
3. Do revenues used to pay for healthcare tend to come from a single source or many?
There are many sources used for revenue in healthcare. The government helps through subsidies and grants which is raised indirectly through taxes or other wage deductions. Out of pocket payment is when citizens/patients pay the entire cost of their care without the help of a third party. The cost of revenue that a facility gets from patient payments depends on the rates the facility sets which are what the reform is trying to reduce. Another source is premium which is health insurance and these companies paying the providers. Lastly, private donations received by corporations or individuals help hospitals. This source is unpredictable because it is based around the community to help and donators are looking to receive a tax deduction. (Thibodeaux, 2014)
The use of revenues help with the abilities of hospital information systems is the key to helping improve access management, responding to healthcare consumerism, fast-tracking cash assortment and refining innovative strategies. According to Gerald Friedman of Healthcare Now, “the single-payer system would be paid for by a variety of taxes. The Tobin tax is a tax on economic connections that would raise revenue while discouraging the types of speculative finance that led to the current economic crisis.” (Friedman, 2012) The lasting income would come from taxes targeted at the wealthy and from property incomes.
4. What steps do these countries take to assure that payments required of individuals do not become a barrier to access?
In developed countries such as Canada, United Kingdom, Australia, Germany, and Japan all provide their residents with access to public health and individual medical attention. In these countries...

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