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Answers To The Chapter 1 Health Care Health Assignment

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Answer Key Unit 2 WS
Careers in Health Care
Parts B & C
Part B: Matching
1) T
2) E
3) F
4) I
5) P
6) K
7) B
8) W
9) S
10) V
11) J
12) A
13) L
14) D
15) N
16) U
17) H
18) Q
19) R
20) G
21) C
22) M
23) O
24) X
Part C: Completion or Short Answer
1) Associate’s: Complete a two-year course of study at a community college or vocational-technical school.
Bachelor’s: Usually a four-year course of study at a college or university.
Master’s: Usually one or more years of study after a bachelor’s degree.
2) A. Certification B. Licensure C. Registration
3) Technician usually requires a two-year associate’s degree or three to four years on-the-job training, or
special health occupations education; technologists usually require at least three to four years of college
plus work experience, usually bachelor’s and, at times, master’s degree.
4) Workers who can perform in a variety of occupations; because of high cost of health care, smaller
facilities or rural areas...

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