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Solutions To The Problem Of Electronic Waste

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21 century-is the time when humanity has progressed in a field of technology. Intensive development and use of techniques has led to changes not only in economy but also in socio-political and spiritual spheres of social life. However, this progress has brought with itself devastating disasters like electronics waste which cause serious health and environment pollution problems.
E-waste- is a type of waste that contains obsolete or non-working electronic and electrical devices. Electronic waste can have a high level of danger because of contaminants like mercury, beryllium, cadmium, lead and brominated flame retardants discharging of which into environment may lead to formation of defeat and to pollution of surroundings. Methods of each country to solve this problem are different but, in general, the aim is to reduce negative environmental impacts through recycling and reuse. However, of these two alternatives, recycling is less environmentally beneficial than reuse. Consequently, reuse should be prioritized in order to reduce environmental risk.
Reuse-is the possibility to select parts of manufactured goods that may be exposed to treatment through determination of waste characteristics and extending the use of electronic products or their components. This superior option enables people to use obsolete equipment instead of discharging it. Consequently, this leads to support of optimal time of use of a particular product which is economically and environmentally appropriate. Reuse is not only environmentally and economically beneficial it also give an access to those who are unable to afford new electronic equipment like families with low income, schools and non-profit companies. Recent study shows that there was a significant decrease in costs of electronic devices after their average life span was increased (Soneji.H 2009). This makes education and health service more available. In the result, economical and social conditions are developing and going better.
However, the process of reuse requires big amounts of energy to refresh desired output. Reuse needs inputs like, for example, disassembly, treatment or transport and other processing. But, on the other hand, it saves energy in the manufacture of new device by avoiding the extracting of valuable resources. For instance, new equipment is less ‘eco-efficient’ and uses more energy than restored mobile phone or computer (Quariguasi Frota Neto, J. and Bloemhof-Ruwaard, J.M. 2009).
The second solution to e-waste- is recycling. Recycling-is the system that focuses on reduction of negative causes and minimizing environmental risk. Recycling of e-waste consists of two steps: primary and secondary recycling. Primary recycling-is the utilization of unpolluted single-typed wastes. Little amount of such wastes is mixed with initial materials in order to assure good quality of polymeric produce. Effective utilization plays an important and...

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