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Antarctica At A Glance Essay

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Has there ever been a time when you stop what you're doing, just literally stop and say to yourself, “I want to leave, I want to leave this house, these people, this town, this country and live”? Now of course, you don't do anything about this thought. You just ignore it as if it ever crossed your mind; but it did. For a moment there you wanted to run, you wanted to escape, hide from everything your life is now. All you really want to do is fill your lungs with the maximum capacity of air; make your heart pound at a speed you didn't know was possible. Every day you want to meet someone new, someone you may want to see every day. You want excitement to overtake your stomach, to be so nervous ...view middle of the document...

With this in mind, kayaking in Antarctica is the choice I have made for my adventure. Gliding smoothly across the cold sea, splashing of water onto the paddle dripping into the crystal quiet bay while penguins are swimming in front of me is what I imagine the picture of my journey will be. Of course, like all environments, Antarctica has a certain beauty on many occasions. For example, on a typical summer day at Paradise Bay, you would see a lovely ice sculptures standing tall, clear skies reflects all the mightiness of the mountains into the clear bay. As a result, there is no other best time to see Antarctica at its most beautiful than summer. A writer once said “Man is free at the moment he wishes to be” (Voltaire 1730). That is to say happiness is a choice. The moment one chooses to be free has the ability to be free. However, freedom is the reason why a memorable journey like this could become a reality, also the fact that society has given me too much anxiety. The amount of pressure surrounds me when I’m home. Family members and friends rely on how your future must be, therefore, making my life more difficult. After all, with all of this discomfort in my life, soon or later it will be all worth it in the long run.
In life, there will always be the need of planning. Such as planning on what does your near future look like or how are you going to make this work? By all meanings, one of the most important things in life for me is to accomplish college before making this journey happen. Although it is not easy, mostly when you are trying to get a doctors degree in pharmacist but its need in the near future is very significant. However, the cost of a trip from Wichita, Kansas to Antarctica is most likely to be around five to ten thousand dollars, depending on the cruise ship you are willing to choose. Therefore, a way...

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