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Antepartum Maternity Support Services Essay

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Age__19___, Gravida___2___, Para__0___, Living Children__1___, EDD____04Jun2014_____, confirmed by ______OBAC_______test, at ___7____Weeks gestation.Some topics that were discussed at my visit were as followed.PregnancyChief ComplaintMedication ReviewAllergies ReviewVitals, including weight and heightOpen episodes of careEDD/ Dating/ LMPFlu Shot, TDAP, Verify ImmunizationsMedical, OB, and Surgical HistoryGenetic ScreeningPrenatal Lab OrdersOffer MyChartROI signed for outside recordsWhen listening to some of the advice from the nutritionist, I was surprised to see that she wasn't focusing on the proper diet and exercise one would expect to hear. The nutritionist was more focused on making sure the patient was getting plenty to eat for both herself and her baby. Then the nutritionist talked about how the patient should eat small meals every 3 hours throughout the day. The patient asked if there was anything that could be done to help with her morning sickness and with her constant nausea. The patient stated that she is not able to eat full meals or much of anything since she has nausea. The nutritionist then started discussing how fresh ginger and some carbonated water might help settle her stomach and maybe trying something called e-bands. E-bands she said are little bracelets that are supposed to help cure nausea. Finally she did order some Zofran which is an antiemetic drug that helps prevent both nausea and vomiting.Risk Factors for this pregnancy: Some of the risk factors that play a major role are the mother didn't know she was pregnant and keep drinking and doing drugs. She wouldn't say which drugs she was using, just said she was doing drugs and drinking until she noticed she didn't have a period two times in a row. Some other concerns are that she has genital herpes. She then stated she knows she is supposed to take her medication before giving birth, but didn't know when that was. Also she doesn't want to see a doctor again before birth. She only wants to come in at 20 weeks to see what the sex of the child is going to be. Then she stated this was an unplanned pregnancy and isn't sure if she wanted to keep it, but her boyfriend would like to keep the baby. Finally she stated she has been feeling faint and has fainted a few times since being pregnant.The main barrier for care with this patient was that she tested positive for genital herpes and seemed to be really embarrassed about it. After this topic was brought up, you could see the difference in her attitude and she completely shut down and didn't want anything to do with being at the doctor's office. Also she has another baby who is ten months' old. Lastly she is planning to move from Washington to Oklahoma within the next month.What family changes does your client expect to occur with the arrival of the baby? When asked what changes does she expect to occur with the new baby being born and still having a ten month old child, she wasn't sure. That's why she plans on moving to Oklahoma...

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