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What is anthropology? Anthropology is defined as the study of human beings and the relationship between humans and other organisms. As a result of different types of anthropologies many studies focus on particular aspects of humans, which will be merely discussed in this paper. In the United States anthropology is made up of four main subfields which are: cultural/social anthropology, archaeology, linguistic anthropology, and physical/biological anthropology. Cultural/social anthropology is the study of culture and society and describes social and cultural similarities and differences. Archaeology studies past human behavior and culture patterns through material remains. Linguistic anthropology studies languages and how people use them. Physical/biological anthropology is introduced as the study of biological and behavioral characteristics of human beings, apes, and their ancestors.
Chapter one of Essentials of physical anthropology opens by introducing the famous fossil footprints in East Africa made about 4 million years ago by the animal who we now call Australopithecus afarensis. The authors’ intention to begin with the footprints was to bring forward the origins of anthropology. These footprints indicated that these ancient animals walked on two feet therefore revealed their identity as a primate of the family hominins. Not only did they walk on two feet but with advance research we have proven that they were anatomically similar to ourselves with the exception of their brains which were only one-third the size of ours. Unfortunately these animals are extinct but studies about them remain. We don’t want to discard no possibilities of where we came from therefore research on humans and apes continue
Physical Anthropology arose in the 19th century from 2 areas: the origins of modern species and human variations. As of today, physical anthropology has many significant areas of interest, some of these high important areas include:...

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