Anthem: Collectivist Societies Are Unfair Essay

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More and more society is leaning toward collectivism. Slowly, people's individual rights are clearly being restricted. Objectivist societies are not perfect either, but they are much less restrictive than collectivist societies. A compromise of the two philosophies would make the ideal society. Although collectivist societies are becoming more prevalent in the modern world, they are morally wrong because they limit the freedom of the individual.
Collectivist societies are unfair because they take away peoples rights. People should have the right to make most of their own choices. In collectivist societies, people get minimal choices. “And we looked straight into the eyes of the Council, but their eyes were cold as blue glass buttons. So we went into the Home of the Street Sweepers” (Rand 26) In this quote Equality 7-2521 has his life career chosen for him. Unfairly, he will sweep the streets until he is forty and then he will be forced to live in the Home of the Useless. Equality was given the job of street sweeping because he was said to be bigger and more intelligent than his founding fathers. Now he has a useless life ahead of him all because he is not allowed to choose what he wanted to do with his life. When he invents the light bulb he is frowned upon because he is a street sweeper and is punished for his madness.
Objectivist societies give people more rights to become an individual. In an objectivist society, people are basically allowed to follow through with whatever they want. There is very little restraint on their possibilities. “You shall be burned at the stake, said Democracy 4-6998. No they shall be lashed,” said Unanimity 7-3304, till there is nothing left under the lashes” (Rand 72) This quote occurs after Equality 7-2521 shows the House of the Scholars...

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