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Totalitarianism can be defined in the Merriam-Webster dictionary as the centralized control by an autocratic authority. The leaders of these societies are obsessed with complete control and will take whatever steps necessary to reach such a goal. In many totalitarian societies, children are separated from their families. This is enforced on the citizens because rulers want them to be loyal to the government only. Such living arrangements can be portrayed in Ayn Rand’s novel, Anthem. In Anthem, the narrator, Prometheus, lives in a community in which all of the children born that year live in the same house until they turn fifteen. Then they are assigned a job and live with the people that share that occupation. This keeps the people from having an emotional attachment to someone like they would have with a family.
Totalitarian rulers often control the thoughts and beliefs of people as well. The citizens of the community are forbidden to question or explore things that are unknown to other citizens. By doing this, the government emphasizes that they know everything and have complete power. The government also set a “Transgression of Preference”. This stops the people from feelings such as friendship and love and hate. The government felt that this rule must be in place to ensure that they were number one in the minds of the people; they wanted the people to believe they are the best thing in their lives.
The main focus of totalitarian rulers, such as Adolf Hitler, was control of the minds of the people. His approach was to be liked by the people. In the 1930’s Hitler became a very powerful ruler because he lead his people to believe the he was honorable and trustworthy. He led the citizens of Germany into a trap. A similar situation can be found in Anthem. The Council is highly respected by the people of the community, and with this level of respect comes great obedience. The government...

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694 words - 3 pages In many unethical societies, totalitarians would make children live apart from their families. In Anthem, leaders enforced that children must live apart from their families in order to brainwash children, oppress the idea of individuality, and to also gain more control of the society. Leaders in Anthem split up families so they can brainwash children. In essence, the leaders had a sinister plot to keep the idea of equality alive. From birth

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1023 words - 4 pages concept of questioning authority and stepping outside the conformity of society. For an absolutism authority, the questioning of power is the pinnacle of crimes because it opens the door to the challenging of authority and ultimately, the overthrowing of power. In Ayn Rand’s Anthem, the World Council has successfully established a community where individual imagination and curiosity is stifled and the principal of working specialized occupations

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1065 words - 4 pages didn't have the next book. However, there was no sequel to this book; it was all together in one very well written and exciting story.Anthem is a book written by the famous author, Ayn Rand, who has also written other books such as We The Living, The Virtue of Selfishness, and Atlas Shrugged. Anthem, in my opinion, should be the most famous out of them because honestly, it is one of the best books I have read. It is almost like the book reached out


595 words - 2 pages Jim Jarvis 9/10 GT English 9/25/01 Anthem Essay # 1 The world portrayed in Anthem shows no signs of the progress one might associate with a collective society. The scientific achievement of Prometheus' world has had virtually no progress in the period after the Unmentionable Times. At first, the political and social structures, at first, look like a form of collectivism, then upon further examination reveal themselves as totalitarianism


1763 words - 7 pages The book Anthem by Ayn Rand had many different important themes. Ayn Rand wrote this book in 1946. The theme I will be looking at is how life controls its society.I believe it does. By using 3 main points, I will have proven that this is true.The 3 main arguments are as follows : 1. There is no individualism.2. Working for society.3. How electricity was refused because men overruled other men and that it was a discovery

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511 words - 2 pages Anthem is a novella written by Ayn Rand, in which Equality 7-2521, the protagonist, struggles for self-identification living in a collectivist society. Equality believes that individuality is an eminent aspect of one’s life because individuality defines and outlines who a person is. It is difficult for Equality to endure live with people who support collectivism and who reject his ideas. For example when Equality invents and exhibits the light

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942 words - 4 pages would control every word said and every movement made by the marionette. In numerous real and fictionalized totalitarian societies, including the one described by Ayn Rand in Anthem, dictatorial leaders implement this living arrangement because it is easier to control every aspect of the children’s lives to support the ideas of the government without any interference from the parents. In Anthem, Ayn Rand exposes a society with the absence of

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959 words - 4 pages Anthem by Ayn Rand ventures to depict an extreme version of a collectivist society. One of the main characters is Equality 7-2521, or Prometheus. He is a rebel who goes against the government in order to learn and discover on his own. The government of Anthem resembles collectivism by having no one distinguished by an actual name, but by numbers, and they train the people to show complete respect for their dictatorial leaders. Dictatorial

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839 words - 3 pages Anthem Quotes Essay The book Anthem by Amy Rand is the first person story of Equality 7-2521, a man raised in a community where all men are equal and everyone is brother to their fellow man. But Equality 7-2521 was not the typical person, for he was very intelligent, and always felt that there was more to life to be discovered. He wanted to be a scholar so he could learn about his world, but instead he was assigned by the community to be

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1199 words - 5 pages The Philosophies Brave New World and Anthem     The books Brave New World by Aldus Huxley and Anthem by Ayn Rand are both valuable twentieth-century contributions to literature. Both books explore the presence of natural law in man and propose a warning for what could happen when man's sense of right and wrong is taken from him. In this essay, I hope to show how these seemingly unrelated novels both expound upon a single, very profound

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681 words - 3 pages Theme, considerably the most important part of a novel, is the author's tool to convey her ideas and message. Ayn Rand fills her novel, Anthem, with many themes commenting on societal problems. She observes many trends towards collectivism, which stifles individual thought and action. A major theme presented in Anthem is the strength and importance of individuality. It is the sum of characteristics in each person that sets them apart from others

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659 words - 3 pages The Unbreakable Spirit Anything created by one, which is alone, is evil. That which is good must be created by two or more. This fanatical collectivist society exists in the pages of Anthem. Men are the victims of their own reform. Though nothing could ever break the human spirit. There will always be those whos will not conform. And so Prometheus and Gaea emerge amougst the complacent crowd. Their ideals are rebellious and insightful. However

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968 words - 4 pages . First starting in the novel, men were enslaved by a higher power and not by themselves. The gods, than monarchs, then his confinement, family members, and origins first tyrannized man. “My happiness is not the means to any end. It is the end. It is its own goal” (Rand 95). The people in Anthem have no experience of being free. These people have been “controlled” by a higher power and have no own self-freedom. Even know they did not know that they

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759 words - 4 pages The novella Anthem by Ayn Rand explains the world in which there is no such word as “I.” Nobody knew about themselves. People decided on what they did, what jobs they worked, and where they live. They never even knew how they looked. “We” was their main word. They used “The Great We” as there god to worship. They had their pledge to say every morning when they woke up. They did the same things every single day. Get up, go to work and come to