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Anthem Soundtrack Essay

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After reading the novel Anthem by Ayn Rand, we recognized different aspects of the story such as the overall theme, plot, love theme, and conclusion which tied the entire story together. We can tie these aspect together with the lyrics we hear in the music we listen today. Music is a way for artists to express emotions and/or events that occur in people’s life. For example a song can serve as a love story or a message that shows one’s emotion. Songs and novels relate because of the similar message that both try to imply. The following songs are songs that I believe best relate to the different areas of the story Anthem.

The song “The Kill” by 30 Seconds To Mars from their album A Beautiful Lie (2006) corresponds with the overall theme of the story Anthem. When 30 Seconds To Mars sings the following lyrics from their song “The Kill”, it’s components tie in with the theme on finding out who one really is. Just like how Equality 7-2521 found out who he really was as an individual:

I tried to be someone else
But nothing seemed to change
I know now, this is who I really am inside

Finally found myself
Fighting for a chance
I know now, this is who I really am

These lyrics send a message of how at first he was being someone who he wasn’t but then eventually found out who he actually was. He grew up living in a society where a person couldn’t be their own individual self and everything was done collectively. He never knew about individualism because of the fact he’s been in a collective environment. After learning about the Unmentionable Times and the forbidden word “I”, he knew at that moment who he really was. “I tried to be someone else/ I know now this is who I really am inside,” are two lines that can be used that moment in the story. He then wanted to bring back the world that was lost after the Great Rebirth and he’s “fighting for a chance” to bring back the past just like how it’s mentioned in the lyrics.

When the Council of Scholars wanted to destroy Equality’s light box and kill him, he ended up running away. “Night Ride” by All American Rejects from their album Move Along (2005) is a song that can be used to describe the point in the story when Equality runs away from his society.
Drive all night
Never gonna get me
Night by night
To get away from it all

Fight, fight, fight
All you wanna do is hurt me
You wrecked my life
So I'm gonna have to drive all night

How the song says, “Fight, fight, fight/ All you wanna do is hurt me,” refers to how he wants to go against the ways of his society. The Council of Scholars wanted to put Equality to death and to destroy his invention. In order to protect not only himself but also his invention, he decided to run into the Uncharted Forest to get away from everything that occurred at the meeting of the Council of Scholars.

Equality first meets Liberty as he’s...

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