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Anthony, Cassius And Ceasar Are Not Noble

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Anthony, Cassius and Ceasar are Not Noble

Throughout the play "Julius Caesar" it could be argued that many
characters show signs of being noble. Brutus however, the dramatic
focus of the play is described by Anthony as "the noblest roman of
them all." Why does Anthony say this and is this true?

From Act 1 scenes 2 and 3 we learn most about the character of Brutus
"I love… the name of honour more than I fear death." Cassius then
responds with "I know that virtue to be in you Brutus" this emphasises
to the reader from the start that Brutus is perceived to be
honourable. Brutus is portrayed as a man who is widely respected in
society with a social conscience.

From the start of the play we see Brutus set aside from the rest of
the conspirators, he is at an objective viewer unlike the other
conspirators like Cassius who is motivated by envy, revenge and self
interest. " And Cassius is a wretched creature, and must bend his body
if Caesar carelessly but nod on him".

It was because Brutus was so loved throughout Rome that he was vital
to the plot to kill Caesar "Win the Noble Brutus to our Party" Brutus
was manipulated and he joined the conspiracy to assassinate Caesar
after much careful thought and manipulative flattery by Cassius. " I
know the virtue in you Brutus as well as I do your outward favour". It
was easy for Cassius to manipulate Brutus because Brutus had so much
trust in everyone. This could be perceived as a flaw in Brutus's
personality but it does not detract from his nobility.

Although Brutus allowed himself to be drawn into the plot to kill
Caesar he did so because of his love for Rome. He believed in the
republic as the best form of government. His reasons were not selfish,
he was an idealist who acted in what he thought were the best
interests of Rome. A noble trait I would say. "Brutus had rather be a
villager than to repute himself a son of Rome". Stating that he would
rather be a peasant than a Roman Citizen under the present oppressive
regime shows that Brutus puts common good before personal feelings has
a social conscience and genuinely fears for the people. "What means
this shouting? I do fear the people have chosen Caesar for their King"
This to me shows him to be honourable and noble. Others such as
Cassius had other motives and were frightened of losing control of the
Senate that their families had held for generations.

After finally deciding to join the conspirators Brutus refuses to
swear on an oath "No not an oath" he goes on to say, "What need we any
spur but our own cause." Brutus here illustrates his moral principles
and how he felt bound by trust alone.


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