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Anthony Cleopatra Essay

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Act 1:1. How appropriate an introduction to the play do you find this scene.The opening scene is a perfect introduction into the play, its a gateway to the rest of the book and it contains almost all the main themes. The play opens with a crisis . Anthony is already infatuated with Cleopatra and he is neglecting his duties in Rome. Although the scene is relatively short it contains most of the major plots and sub-plots. The most obvious of these is Anthony's adoration of Cleopatra and the neglect of his duties. Also in the scene we see how much power Cleopatra has over Anthony, this is demonstrated by her provoking him into flattering her.Through the scene and from the very outset we can see a growing disapproval of Anthony's behaviour and the Romans distaste for his descent from greatness. This is echoed in 1:4 by Octavius who Anthony is meant to respect and follow as he is his leader. This decline in Anthony's once great stature suggests a war is brewing between Egypt an Rome and our fears are confirmed in act 3 when the two do war. The tensions between the two are apparent in the opening scene. The play opens with a speech from Philo a soldier under Anthony's rule. In this opening speech we can see how displeased and demoralised the Roman soldiers may be."Have glowed like plated Mars, now bend now turn." In this quote Anthony has been compared to Mars. I t suggests hes done his due in battle but now like Mars he has turned from his proper business of defending Rome. This theme of Anthony's decline from power lasts throughout the play and by introducing it in the first scene we get a taste of whats to come. We see the same sort of distaste in 1:4. In this scene we see Octavius Caesar leader of Rome despairing at Anthony's behaviour."This is the news: He fishes, he drinks and wastes the lamp of...

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972 words - 4 pages with a long hooked nose and masculine features" (Pharaoh), but she was obviously a very seductive woman, besides her marriages with his two bothers (to follow tradition), she was the lover of Julius Caesar and Mark Anthony, with whom she ended up marring. Cleopatra commit suicide, Octavian's guards found her dead on her golden bed, with her maids next to her.Cleopatra VII was born in 69 BC in Alexandria, at that time capital of Egypt. Her father

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1063 words - 5 pages . For example, Julius Caesar visits Alexandria, he finds himself in the middle of the dispute between Cleopatra and her brother Ptolemy XIII, portrayed by Anthony Harvey. After the death of Ptolemy XII Auletes, Cleopatra is forced by ancient Egyptian custom to marry her brother Ptolemy XIII. Once Ptolemy sees that Cleopatra wants the throne to herself, he drives her away. At the beginning of the movie, Cleopatra meets Julius Caesar in hopes that he

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1659 words - 7 pages way she was able to sneak into his dwellings and when the tapestry unrolled she was revealed, captivating Ceasar. She became his mistress and with his aid they defeated Ptolemy XIII. Soon after, Cleopatra had a son, which she claimed to be Caesar's. And returning to Rome, Ceasar was assassinated and Cleopatra’s son seemed to her the rightful air, though after much fighting Mark Anthony rose as the new power of the republic. Mark Anthony sent for

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2757 words - 11 pages , as evident in the manner of her self-presentation to Caesar. With assurance she stands with poise for his observation. In the piece, Cleopatra openly admits to her use of men, particularly Julius Caesar and Mark Anthony, as well as her malicious nature. She says, "I contrived every thing as much as possible to weaken and enervate the mind, and to make wanton pleasures the most desirable"(Fielding, 61). Obviously, her sexuality is key to her

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1704 words - 7 pages Cleopatra’s soldiers went back to Egypt. Instinctively Marc Anthony followed suite. There he committed suicide by reportedly falling on his sword. Taken by his authorities Cleopatra was in possession of Octavian when she killed herself. It was believed that she committed suicide by the bite of a poisonous snake, but no one really knows. After the brutal defeat by Octavian Rome was in for a treat. Octavian knew it was only a matter of time before

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1075 words - 5 pages applying to Rome and Caesar and feminine applies to Cleopatra’s Egypt. That is why Shakespeare is seen as being sexist, his thought to put this big of a controversy into his book while making Cleopatra, not necessarily look weaker, but more deceptive and conniving. She is the one that removes Anthony from his duty, she creates a love story that eventually leads to his death as well as hers. Cleopatra was the temptress, Cleopatra was the with, Antony

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2655 words - 11 pages infinite variety within her can vary at any time depending on the situation she is put in. On the other hand, Cleopatra can be genuine about her feelings as we see towards the end of play when she commits suicide to be with her ‘beloved Antony’. Although Cleopatra plays childish games, she is devoted to Anthony. When the messenger comes from Rome she is worried he will go back to his wife. She finds all her fulfilment in the

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1911 words - 8 pages marriage ceremony. Mark Anthony gave her much land, which was very essential to Egypt. Mark Antony had planned a campaign against the Parthian’s and he needed Cleopatra’s help to do so. In 36 BC Antony had been defeated by the Parthian’s. This military defeat of Mark Antony’s didn’t prove costly too much but battered his reputation. In 34 BC Mark Antony affirmed Cleopatra and her son Caesarian as joint ruler of Rome. Mark Antony’s wife, Octavia

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3669 words - 15 pages unchaste" (Hallet 160). Shakespeare's play, Anthony and Cleopatra, radically domesticated Cleopatra in ways that are appropriate for this time period and her image of an evil, seductive Queen is replaced with an image that shows a little more sympathy toward her. Shakespeare depicts Cleopatra as a weak, willfully feminine creature that is needy and full of guile. Her female strength finds itself not in the desire to rule her people but in her

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915 words - 4 pages she lets herself get carried away in the excitement and joy of love, but she seems slightly more cautious and practical than Cleopatra in that she makes sure Romeo means his proclamations of love and faithfulness."If that thy bent of love be honourable, Thy purpose marriage, send me word tomorrow," (Act2 scene 2) Similarly, Anthony is carried away by his passion and love for Cleopatra, but is slightly different in his attitude than Romeo in

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2029 words - 8 pages Cleopatra did not lose hope. She formed alliances with another powerful Roman leader named, Mark Anthony (Christensen 59). She won his support with not only her beauty, but her wit as well. This gave her another advantage with the Romans. During Cleopatra’s reign, the citizens of Alexandria were experiencing bad harvests and intense droughts, which led to widespread famine. These bad harvests and intense droughts were due to the Nile River not

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