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Many Facilities in communities around the country have received anthrax threat letters. Most were empty envelopes. Some have contained powder substances. Anthrax has been linked back to the fifth and sixth plaques of Egypt around 1500 BC. In the early 1700s it first appeared in North America in Louisiana. In Kentucky at about 1824 cutaneous anthrax appeared among cowboys on cattle ranches. Germany, Russia, and Japan conducted extensive research toward the use of anthrax as a biological weapon in the 1930s. Several countries produced anthrax during World War II but Japan was the only country to use it as a biological warfare agent. Japan produced mass quantities of anthrax from 1939 until 1945. The bacterium B. anthracis is what causes anthrax. It is primarily a disease of plant-eating animals such as cattle or sheep. The spores are extremely resistant to environmental factors. B. Anthracis spores can remain dormant or viable for several decades under the right environmental conditions. There are four forms of anthrax: Cutaneous, Inhalation, Intestinal, and oropharyngeal. The actual incubation period of anthrax is 1 to 7 days, with most cases occurring within two days of exposure. The infection usually lasts from 3 to 5 days. Anthrax is not spread person to person. Cutaneous anthrax also known as woolsorter's disease or ragpicker's disease occurs through either abraded skin or through small breaks in the epidermis of the skin. The first signs start with irritated itching where it came in contact or exposed to the skin. Within a few hours the affected area appears as a small, red discolored spot on the skin. The known symptoms for the early stages are discomfort (malaise), fever, headache, and exhaustion. Within about 4 days or the "active" phase of the disease most people have significant fever, possibly blood poisoning, and meningitis can occur. More than 95 % of anthrax cases are cutaneous. A large dose of inhalation anthrax is 8,000 to 10,000 spores. The particle size is smaller than 5 microns. This causes septicemia (blood poisoning) or hemorrhagic inflammation of the lymph nodes. People usually die after 24-36 hours after exposure and it occurs in 95 to 100 percent of untreated cases. This is the type of anthrax expected to occur in...

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Anthrax Essay

1384 words - 6 pages Anthrax: Controversial and Puzzling Shortly after the most horrific events ever to happen in the United States took place, the citizens of this great country were faced with another scare that is simply beyond belief. Bioterrorism scares are rising in numbers locally, statewide and around the country. ?Anthrax is being used as ?psychological warfare,? not as a weapon of destruction but as a weapon symbolizing ?fear?(CBS anchor Rather calls

Anthrax Essay

1574 words - 6 pages Al Joseph DubouzetKelly EckenrodeMicrobiology 230: Research paperAnthrax: Bacillus AnthracisAbstract:Anthrax is a disease caused by the bacterium Bacillus Anthracis. It can cause two type of diseases called gastrointestinal anthrax and cutaneous anthrax. B. Anthracis is a disease of herbivores, particularly human food animals, and has a worldwide distribution. Before the invention of an effective antibiotics, there were huge losses of cattle

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1597 words - 6 pages Anthrax is a living organism in the genus Bacillus and its species name is anthracis. This specific bacterium is gram-positive which means that it has a thick, protective peptidoglycan coating. It is also rod-shaped and only a few micrometers in length. It is also one of the few bacteria to synthesize a protein capsule. Like other species in the genus Bacillus, it can form and release endospores, commonly known as spores. These spores are able

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1261 words - 6 pages Shortly after the attacks on the World Trade Center September 11, 2001 there began a rash of Anthrax laced letters being sent through the United States Postal System. This form of Anthrax was sent as spores known as Bacillus Anthracis, the type of bacterium that causes Anthrax. This terrorist style act resulted in 22 cases of disease and 5 deaths (Walsh, Skane 2011). Anthrax is an extremely life threatening disease. It is a hard working and

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866 words - 3 pages Anthrax' in recent times has become very well publicised in this time of uncertainty. With the threat of terrorism lingering, anthrax has been documented in its use as a biological warfare agent. The following will discuss what type of disease anthrax is, the symptoms of infection, what is occurring at the cellular level to cause the symptoms and possible treatments available to counteract anthrax effects.Anthrax also known as splenic fever

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684 words - 3 pages Bacillus Anthracis is a bacterium in the genus Bacillus that causes anthrax, which primarily affects livestock but occasionally spreads to humans through skin, lungs, or intestine. It is a rod shaped bacterium that grows in aerobic and anaerobic conditions. The bacterium is sometimes used as a biological weapon. Other names include Bacteridium Anthracis and Bacillus cereus var. Anthracis. The spores created by the bacteria can survive for years

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584 words - 2 pages No Access to Anthrax On September 11, Americans faced their worst nightmare. In New York City, two airplanes crashed into the World Trade Centers and completely destroyed them. In Washington, D.C., another airplane crashed into the Pentagon and destroyed part of it. And one more airplane crashed in Pennsylvania. These four airplanes have killed more than 6,000 innocent people, who were trying to make living and live their life and did not know

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1067 words - 5 pages Shinrikyo. The cult was extremely large with approximately 40,000 to 60,000 members worldwide including a membership estimated to be three times larger in Russia than in Japan. There was only one known deliberate attempt to create an anthrax aerosol environment in a population space. In 1993 the Japanese cult Aum Shinrikyo dispersed anthrax spores in a liquid medium into the air of Tokyo, first from their building and then from trucks traveling to the

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1370 words - 6 pages Anthrax is an acute infectious disease caused by the spore-forming bacterium Bacillus anthracis. Anthrax normally transpires in warm-blooded animals, however it can also infect the human body. Anthrax spores can now be produced in powdered substance for biological warfare which may be kept and crushed into particles. Anthrax is diagnosed by isolating Bacillus anthracis from the blood, skin lacerations, or respiratory discharges or by measuring

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2376 words - 10 pages The Threat of Chemical Warfare with Anthrax Hell is a place on earth and it is located 2300 miles south of Moscow in the middle of the Aral Sea. Its name is Vokroshdeniye Island. In English this means Renaissance Island. Renaissance Island was a Soviet Union biochemical test sight before its fall in 1990. They where testing such things as small pox, the plague, and most importantly anthrax. The Islands main mission was to

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775 words - 3 pages Prior to September 11, 2001 many people did not know much about anthrax besides it being a highly infectious fatal bacterial disease of mammals especially cattle and sheep, that cause skin ulcers and being transmittable to humans by inhalation and through infected meat. In fact, the last time anyone died of anthrax until now had been in 1976. Because of a growing media influence over the past decade, anthrax myths have been numerous, and many

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