Anthropomorphism: Giving Unanimated Objects Feelings. This Essay Gave Feelings To A Mirror In The Bathroom

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Mirror, Mirror On The WallContrasting the whiteness of the clouds to its alive and vivid colors, the brilliant sun at its nadir rose at a snail's pace as dawn quickly turned into morning. Sun rays reflected off my shining body, creating a rainbow on the wall. Morning, the thought crept into my mind. It was like any other day, an average, monotonous day. Yet, to humans, it meant a new beginning filled with adventures.Still half conscious, I heard the door open, and the girl came in. She stood in front of me for a while, trying to figure out what was wrong. Seeing herself with a pillow head, droopy panda-like eyes, bony cheeks with a hint of rose-redness and overall, a tired expression, the girl instinctively began to wash her face and put on some makeup that had a foul smell, unpleasant for my sensitive nose.Boom! Boom! Boom! The boys rampaged through the hall, toward the bathroom like two buffalos in a stampede. Only to realize that their older sister had already started her daily ritual in front of me. After a touch over there, a touch over here, the sister was done. The boys were much faster, considering they don't need to spend so much time worrying about their appearance. Brushing their teeth, washing their faces, and a look at me, and they were done. When they were finished, they raced down the stairs, once again. As my job was done in the morning the last member of the family had gone off to work, leaving me to enjoy the rest of my day, a repetition of yesterday, the day before that, and the day before that. Life as a mirror was tedious. Boredom was what I experienced each day. Aside from that feeling, loneliness also occupies a big portion of my life. It was the same schedule every day. Morning and evening were the only times that humans visit me, two visits a day, fourteen visits a week. Though I valued these sacred visits, I groaned at the fact that they always stare at me. The gaze felt so intent that some times I could feel its sting trying to poke right through my body. Still, I must say, the feeling of isolation upset me the most.As the sun started to fall from its zenith, the brothers and sister came home. After a long, diligent hour of doing homework, they were finally done, and the party started. The...

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851 words - 3 pages The Era of Good FeelingsThe time period between the year 1817 and 1824 is renown as the Era of Good Feelings. It is considered as a critical moment in American history, for it had improved the nation's feeling of nationalism and the transportation system that had existed. However, despite its name and the positive contributions that improved America, the Era of Good Feelings, overall, proved to be a time of major political, economic, and social

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