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Anti-Americanism is defined in terms of “psychological tendency to hold negative views of the United States and of American society in general”(Katzenstein and Keohane, p.12). History expanded the love-hate relationship between China and the United States from political, economical, social perspectives. Distinguishing predisposition and opinion is vital as well as understanding the multidimensional views from a heterogeneous group of people. Anti-Americanism is perceived in different ways among public opinion polls, norms and emotions in China.
Historically, according to Anti-Americanism in China(Shambaugh, p.142-4), the United States was not an entity to most of the Chinese people ...view middle of the document...

September 11 attacks killed massive number of people’s lives in the United States. Unquestionably, the majority of the Americans viewed Osama Bin Laden who was the leader of the attack as a malevolent man. September 11, a cataclysmic day, was and always will be flying the American flag at half-staff to respect those lost lives as well as the symbolic twin towers in New York. However, not the whole nation of people viewed Osama Bin Laden as a terrorist and the Chinese had different point of views from the Americans. According to the online poll from China’s Phoenix TV website, the death of Osama Bin Laden was viewed differently in the 59.9 percent out of a half-million responded people(Yu, 2011). Surprisingly, they were saddened for Osama Bin Laden’s death and seemed Osama Bin Laden as a heroic anti-American fighter(Yu, 2011) even though they did disapproved the innocent people who were killed by him. After I read this news, I personally was shocked by the Chinese reaction. Human beings’ thoughts are such mysterious, which highlighted the multidimensional views toward the same fact. Accordingly, the 59.9 percent of a half-million Chinese respondents conveyed their attitudes of anti-Americanism by expressing their sadness to the death of Osama Bin Laden.
Word choices somehow convey a message of anti-Americanism. Mcdonalds have spreaded out all over the places in China. The Chinese have always related Mcdonaldization to the stereotype of the American culture. From the Chinese perspective, the American foods taste plain, unhealthy and unfavorable. Young people in China adore the Mcdonalds just because it is affordable and efficient; besides the young people, it does not seem Mcdonalds is attractive to the rest. Mcdonaldization molded the image of the American food or even the American. “Burger, fries, chicken nuggets...”, those are all the American food about to the Chinese. Some people also harshly commented that the fatty American food had made a decision on their appearance. Such reaction can be interpreted as anti-Americanism based on their negative attitudes and word choices.
It is difficult to measure the term, anti-Americanism because it is ambivalent and bias. Simultaneously, some Chinese patriots biasly believe that everything in China is always better than in America. “These feelings can be interpreted as ambivalence towards the United States or as multidimensional views toward various aspects of it”(Katzenstein and Keohane, p.17). Conceptually, the complex emotions that against Americanism are fairly described as anti-Americanism. Distinguishing bias and opinions is confusing because it is not straightforward to tell whether someone is predisposed to attribute negative motion towards the United States or whether the fact is evidently proved the wrong standpoint from the United States.
The anti-Americanism enhanced in China after the debt crisis in 2013. During the debt crisis in 2011, China has became the largest foreign holder of...

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