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Anti Bullying Laws Essay

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It seems as if everyday there is someone new getting bullied ,even though there are laws that prevent this from happening . The U.S. needs to enforce all anti-bullying laws, to insure there are no more victims . Having bullying laws in place for everyone is so beneficial because they serve to protect the rights to the victims
“Bullying is the use of force threat or coercion to abuse ,intimidate or, aggressively impose domination over others”(The Effects...1). Bullying may be caused because of race , religion , gender ,sexuallity ,and even apperance. Bullying can be done in different ways including verbal , physical , and cyber .’’bullying ranges from simple one-on-one bullying in which the ...view middle of the document...

While there are many advantages such as protecting the victim and making the abusers pay for the what they did,there also many disadvantages to bullying laws. The cost of implementing these laws, the time it takes to investigate each incident ,and finally we have to ask if these laws are taking away our freedom of speech.
Implementing bullying laws can have an enormous cost impact in our school districts. It is said that “more than 200 school districts in the state are spending more than $2 million this year (2012) implement the states new anti bullying law according to the survey results released association Thursday by the New Jersey school boards. “ implementing these laws means that personnel has to be train in order to successfully deal with deal with an incident. training personal takes time and money, time that can be spent with student and money that school districts have to cut from other areas in order to pay for training. Training personal means that schools districts have to provide them with training material that brings up the cost of implementing a bullying program.In addition, districts are having to create new programs that deal with bullying with out recieveing extrra funding. Some school districts have to hire new personnel that will deal only with bullying . by hiring new personnel districts would be saving , but not in money but because that would mean that others would not be taken away from their duties to deal with issues. Bullying laws have been put in effect , but the financial on schools...

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