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Anti Bullying Programs In Schools: Are They Truly Working?

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Many schools make sure that structure and education come first in their students’ career paths. Education is important and necessary for future life, but sometimes there is something else going on in these schools besides the education and structure. In recent years bullying has risen in school settings. Schools through out the world are starting to take precaution in their fights against bullying and are organizing anti-bullying programs.
The problem is many schools do not even realize that bullying is happening right under their noses: “research indicates that 15% to 20 % of all students are victimized by bullies at some point in their school careers” (Shore 40). Based on the statistics it shows that many times bullying is happening throughout the student’s days. There are many styles of bullying for instance: “while boys are more likely to attack their peers verbally or physically, girls are more likely to bully indirectly by spreading rumors about their victims, excluding them from activities, or persuading others to reject them” (Shore 41). In other words no matter what gender bullying hurts and it sometimes is more than just a name or a rumor, sometimes it’s a long-term effect on students. Children attend school not only to get an education but to also learn social skill for instance: “social skills are development is emerging as an important issue for educators and practitioners in their work with adolescent youth” (Green 410). Many students are not sure what bullying truly is, Stephenson defines bullying as an aggressive behavior or intentional ‘harm doing’ which is carried out repeatedly and overtime in an interpersonal relationship characterized by an imbalance of power (Stephenson 119). Most of the time students would like to be accepted by their peers so when students do not accept many of the victims begin to withdraw from their favorite things or even interacting in class that is: “victims may experience anxiety, low self-esteem, depression, and even suicidal thoughts” (Shore 41).
While many schools are starting to realize that they need to step in and help their students, many have already been taking precaution in their schools for instance “The first scientifically tested anti-bullying program for primary schools in Australia has been developed and is operating in 49 Perth primary schools”(Alison 3). This shows that not only are schools in North America taking precaution but all around the world bullying seems to be a problem. Not only are schools getting more involved but the families are getting involved “ The Friendly Schools and Families program has reduced both the number of children being bullied and the number of children who are bullying in the schools where it is being used” ( Alison 3). Schools in Northern America are also starting to stand up against bullying in brief:
On Monday, in the high school auditorium, the district kicked off the Olweus-Anti Bullying Program in different assemblies for various grade...

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