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Anti Bullying Takes Over Essay

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Usually when someone is getting bullied in their school, there is no action taken to stop it. This is because many students who get bullied don’t tell anyone what is going on because they are afraid it is going to make it worse. If only there was a way to make the students at schools around the world feel safe enough to stand up for themselves, if only there was something the schools could do to help, if only there was someone the students could talk to. The answer is simple: adding an anti-bullying program. Doing so, the schools would provide all of these things and more. Having an anti-bullying program can help in three distinct ways: many teens don’t have someone to talk to at home, many teenagers self harm, and many schools will be drawn closer together.
No One To Talk To
Many teenagers feel alone, without anyone to talk to. A lot of teenagers refuse to go to school on a daily basis simply because they are too lazy, but people fail to realize how many people are simply too afraid to go. It isn’t a situation that is addressed much, mainly because people see right through the bullying going on right in front of them. 160,000 students every day refuse to attend school because they have been bullied, whether it be physically or mentally. (“Bullying/Suicide”) To put it another way maybe easier to understand, 15% of absences each day are students that don’t feel safe enough to come to school. (“Centers for”)
When a person is getting bullied, they often feel like there must be something wrong with them. The victim is getting called names and told very hurtful things every day and they may begin to believe what is being said, again leading them to feel alone. In reality, the victim is not alone. Millions of people in the world have been, are being or will be bullied eventually in their lifetime. This is why the program would be extremely helpful. It would explain this all to the students and they may be able to feel more comfortable. The second largest form of bullying is social alienation and if more schools were to include a anti-bullying program in their curriculum, it would show these students that many other people in the world are going through the same thing as them and possibly make them come to the realization that they aren’t alone.. (Gross, Natalie)
Self Harming
Bullying can lead people to do many crazy things, one of them being self harming themselves. It seems as though most people self harm at least once within their lifetime. 85% of these people are female and 79% are below the age of 18. (“Bullying/Suicide”) “Why has self harming become such a large epidemic” many people ask. They need to reevaluate the situation and start asking the question “why has bullying become such an epidemic?”. When a person is being bullied, they want it to stop. They want to be able to control their life but they can’t. This is one reason that people self harm. It gives them a sense of control in their life and gives them temporary relief that...

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