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Are anti-depressants a medication or a mental steroid?” (Kramer). For many years there has been an ongoing talk about anti-depressants. The big question is, are they really a cure for depression or just a mental steroid. An anti-depressant is a medication used to treat depression and other anxiety disorders. When proscribed to children and teens there can be severe side effects such as an increased chance to commit suicide or have suicidal thoughts or actions. This risk of suicide is higher for people under the age of 25. (Mayo Clinic Staff). Teenage usage of anti-depressants has been a controversial issue for many decades.
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(Depression Health Center).
Studies also show that anti-depressants can cause addiction. Although anti-depressants themselves are not addictive, once the medicine wears off it can cause panicking and nausea. It also makes patients more prone to addictions such as drugs, food, and alcohol.
Prozac and Zoloft are the most commonly used with adolescents. Both have side effects like weight loss or gain, sleep loss or gain, and stomach problems. They also have different working rates. Zoloft will cause weight gain but Prozac will cause weight gain and loss, it depends on the current weight of the individual. Prozac is more affordable, however, costing 4
dollars per month. Zoloft is around 29 dollars for a full month’s prescription. (Anti-depressants).
Besides anti-depressants there are other options for treatment for depression. For example rehab is an option for people who suffer with depression or other types of addiction. Typically rehab is residential but doctors and therapists have made ways to go around peoples schedules. Especially if patients have other responsibilities such as children, school and work. Another option for treating depression is therapy, which is like rehab but is not residential. Also therapy can vary for things other than depression, which makes it very diverse. Therapy treatments include group therapy which is when teens can discuss their problems with their peers and share and ask advice. Another option is one on one discussion with a therapist. With

this kind of treatment anything said to the therapist is completely confidential. The only time the therapist has a right to discuss what has been said to another is when the individual is...

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