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Anti Jews And Holocaust Denial Essay

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Why would someone believe the Holocaust never existed? It has been proven with evidence and could be quite offensive to Holocaust survivors’ families. Despite overwhelming evidence and an admission and apology from Germany decades ago, revisionists continue to claim that nearly six million Jews were not killed by Nazis during the Holocaust (Holocaust Revisionism n.pag.) They believe the number was nowhere near six million and that they didn’t even prove that six thousand were killed. There are some reasons as to why some people may think the Holocaust did not ever happen, but there proven facts that it did occur, despite of what others think.
If you consider the possibilities, some people may be able to see why some people would think the Holocaust never happened. Some revisionists said that the gas chambers used by the Nazis were actually delousing stations. Or that That the Jews just made everything up to gain the world's sympathy. (Chomsky n. pag.) There seems to be proof that the Holocaust never actually happened, but this “proof” is actually just theories that some revisionists have about the Holocaust. For example, David Brandt Berg, also known as “Moses David,” held many of his group's tracts with anti-Jewish rants and occasional denials of the Holocaust, such as, "You hear all about Hitler and how he was supposed to have killed 6 million Jews! Well, they've never been able to prove yet that he even killed 60,000!” And then Attorney Edgar J. Steele, a revisionist, claims the photographs of emaciated and dying Jews were just pictures of skinny people and bodies stacked like wood were actually of Czechs, Poles, and Germans who died of typhus. (Chomsky n. pag.) While some had theories of the Holocaust not existing, others just had random reasons for it.
“That 6,000,000 is a gross exaggeration of the Jewish death count.” This is just one of the revisionists’ comments about the Holocaust. Some just say that the Jews faked it all for sympathy and attention or that the gas chambers were rumors, and if they did exist, they could not be powerful enough to kill a human being. Some said That the Final Solution was in fact not the genocide of the Jewish people, but rather the expulsion of Jews from Germany. (Chomsky n. pag.) There is an assumption that is not always completely thought through that is that the attempted Jewish genocide never took place, but was rather a secret conspiracy of the Jews. (Austin n.pag.) This is just a few of the ridiculous claims that revisionists had. and there are plenty more, but believe it or not there is proof that the Holocaust did in fact occur (Chomsky n.pag.)
Although the Nazi government tried with great effort to hide evidence for mass murder by tearing down buildings and burning documents, plenty of the remains have survived and have been reviewed. (Chomsky n. pag.) For example, a written order by Hitler to exterminate the Jews. Some evidence against the Nazi soldiers were also found. The American...

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