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Anti Marijuana Paper The Evil Smoke I Wrote It Cause I Thought The Teacher Would Love It. But I Think She Was Ripped When She Graded It Cause I Wanted A 100%

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"The Evil Smoke" by Sean HawkinsImagine you are sitting in a room with some friends, and one of these friends pulls from their pocket a pipe and a small bag of marijuana. This situation happens constantly all over the world, and I am going to explain to you why saying no is the correct way to go. Millions of Americans of all ages use the drug marijuana each and every day. Also known as cannabis sativa, reefer, ganja, weed, pot, trees, and many other nicknames, marijuana is a serious drug that causes harm to people every minute of every day. Marijuana is the most frequently used illegal drug in the United States. Nearly sixty-nine million Americans over the age of 12 have tried marijuana at least once and about ten million people have used marijuana within the past month. Marijuana is a drug smoked very similarly to tobacco.Author Jerome Himmelstein states, "Prior to the mid-1960's, marijuana use was small and concentrated among marginal social groups - at various times Mexican laborers, poor blacks, jazz musicians, and beatniks. In the 1960's, use expanded rapidly, spreading in particular to middle-class youth in the suburbs and on college campuses" (Himmelstein 1). Since the 1960's, marijuana use has continued to expand into the present year of 2001 where marijuana use numbers may be "higher" than ever. While the use and sale of marijuana has been a federal offense since August 2, 1937, people still argue and protest to this day that the drug be legalized. In the following, I am going to explain to you how and why the legalization of marijuana would hurt our country in more ways than anyone could ever imagine.For a start, marijuana affects the way you perform everyday tasks and slows down your motor skills drastically. The drug marijuana causes similar effects to those of alcohol. Marijuana impairs your perception and affects your driving skills in a dangerous way. Drunk driving has become one of the most common offenses in the United States. Drunk driving kills tens of thousands of people each year. Even though alcohol takes thousands of lives every day, we still allow this liquid killer to be a legal substance. "Many states now mandate a six-month driver's license suspension if you're convicted of possession of any amount of marijuana" (Kubby 19). If marijuana were legal, this law would be thrown out and cause only more innocent civilian deaths.Some may argue that smoking marijuana or drinking alcohol is a person's personal choice, but these personal choices end up killing tens of thousands of innocent people every year. "Marijuana produces serious acute effects on perception and skilled performance, which impairs such everyday tasks as driving and other complex tasks involving judgment or fine motor skills" (US DOH IDU 1). If instant drug tests were available, I am sure this country would be astonished at how many crimes and car accidents are committed because of intoxication of marijuana. If marijuana were to be legalized these numbers would...

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