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Anti Smoking Essay

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National Partnership Agreement on PreventiveHealth Tobacco Social Marketing CampaignEVALUATION REPORTPREPARED FOR:Department of Health and AgeingGPO Box 9848Sydney NSW 2001PREPARED BY:Paul Myers | David BlackmoreThe Social Research CentreLevel 1, 262 Victoria StNorth Melbourne Vic 3051Contents3Table of Figures 4Table of Tables 5Executive Summary 101. Introduction 101.1 Context 111.2 Campaign strategy 121.3 Campaign elements 131.4 Research objectives 131.5 Methodology 151.6 Campaign context 161.7 About the report 172 Campaign awareness 212.2 Campaign recognition 373. Campaign Impact 373.1 Direct impact 413.2 Beliefs about smoking and its impact on health 433.3 Attitudes to quitting and smoking 453.3 Attitudes to quitting and smoking 483.4 Behaviour and intentions 584. Summary 584.1 Campaign awareness 614.2 Campaign impact 634.3 Performance against campaign objectives 714.4 Implications 724.5 Conclusions 73Appendix 1 Evaluation Questionnaire Table of Figures17Figure 1: Recall of anti-smoking information or advertising campaigns 21Figure 2: Recognition of 'Cough' TVC. 23Figure 3: Recognition of Cough in other media. 24Figure 4: Recognition of Health Benefits radio advertising. 25Figure 5: Recognition of NTC Health Benefits advertising - magazine and out of home. 26Figure 6: Recognition of online NTC 'Benefits' campaign. 27Figure 7: Recognition of Luke. 28Figure 8: Overall exposure to National Tobacco Campaign advertising 29Figure 9: Perceived effectiveness of message communication by the 2011 NTC 30Figure 10: Correct estimates of time for health benefits resulting from quitting to occur 31Figure 11: Recognition of Break the Chain 32Figure 12: Agreement with diagnostic statements about the Cough TVC 34Figure 13: Agreement with statements about effects of Benefits advertising 35Figure 14: Agreement with diagnostic statements about Luke 35Figure 15: Agreement with diagnostic statements for each element of the 2011 NTC 36Figure 16: Agreement with diagnostic statements for each element of the 2011 NTC 41Figure 17: Certainty of health damage due to smoking. 42Figure 18: Believe smoking causes certain health problems 45Figure 19: Smokers' overall attitude towards smoking/quitting 46Figure 20: Attitudes towards quitting 47Figure 21: Attitudes towards smoking 48Figure 22: Smokers' last quit attempt 49Figure 23: Time since smokers' last quit attempt 51Figure 24: People who have encouraged smokers to quit in the last 6 months 53Figure 25: Smokers' intentions to quit. 54Figure 26: Smokers' desire to quit 54Figure 27: Smokers' self-rated likelihood of being able to quit permanently 55Figure 28: Recent quitters' length of time since quit 57Figure 29: Recent quitters' self-rated likelihood of being able to stay quit Table of Tables12Table 1: Overview of 2011 NTC activity 14Table 2: Achieved sample by wave 18Table 3: Unprompted campaign recall 19Table 4: Recall of messages from the 2011 NTC 22Table 5: Recognition of messages in television Cough campaign 37Table 6:...

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611 words - 2 pages start smoking at their age of 12 or 13 just to get a taste of , what it is like. Some of them find it disgusting and unhealthy and some of them find it cool. Fact’s and Figures Tobacco use kills about 420, 000 smokers each year. According to recent studies 53.000 nonsmokers die each year from second-hand smoking. It is not surprising. Despite having plenty of anti-tobacco commercials on Television, and on every single pack of cigarettes

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