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Anti Smoking Policy Essay

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If a new policy to develop a smoke free environment for the university is to be created, the policy must consider the following four important factors: bans on smoking, anti-smoking ads, public lectures, and the age of the spokespeople. Firstly, creating bans on smoking in the university premises may seem as a harsh strategy, especially to students who are highly addicted to smoking. This strategy can be implemented with the help of strict security personnel, who should ensure that any student caught smoking in the university is stopped. However, this is likely to cause student unrest since they may see the strategy as an infringement of their rights (Foleno, 1992). On the other hand, proper consultation and discussion with all the university’s students on the need to ban smoking totally in the institution may help in adhering to the new policy.
The second factor, anti-smoking ads, may also be of significant value to the new policy. Anti-smoking advertising can succeed in the long run only if there is clarity and consistency in the messages. Since most of the university students normally fail to pay attention to boring ads, anti-smoking ads should have captivating themes, which will attract the students to read the messages on the ads (Pechmann & Reibling, 2000). The messages should discuss the adverse negative effects of smoking such as lung cancer, smelly breath, and mouth cancer (Boyle, 2004). In addition, public lectures that focus on both the short and long-term effects of smoking can be incorporated into the policy. Such lectures are likely to enlighten students at the university on the health issues associated with smoking tobacco (Boyle, 2004). For the lectures to be taken seriously by the students, the people chosen to give the lectures should belong to the age groups of the students. This is because the students are likely to experience a sense of similarity with them and accept their opinions, especially if they view the lecturers as their role models (Pechmann & Reibling, 2000). Consequently, all the four factors must be analyzed thoroughly for a successful implementation of a new policy to develop a smoke free environment at the university.
The new public health approach is different from the old one in a number of ways. Contrary to the traditional public health approach that seemed to relate more to healthy conditions, sanitary reform, communicable diseases, and pollution, the new one takes care of every health issue as a part of public health. This takes place as long as the health issue has an effect on a large percentage of individuals, for instance, issues such as diabetes and obesity (Epstein, 2002). The new public health ideology has also taken into consideration the promotion of healthy ways of life, which are linked to conduct and individual responsibility that are supported by government activities. In this new paradigm, the most urgent method for rising above inequities in health is through international aid, a...

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