Anti Vaccine Campaign Is Killing Our Kids

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Around 2007 a nationwide Anti-Vaccine campaign begun. It is composed of a variety of people ranging from former doctors, conspiracy theorist, and some celebrities. This campaign has taken over and is hurting many of our children and the future of America. The people who are leading this campaign have very little medical background or training, except for a few former doctors. These people believe that people lived through these childhood diseases years ago and that it will not cause an epidemic, but what they are failing to realize is the difference in life expectancy. According to the CDC, in the early 1900’s was only 47 years of age and it is now up to 79 years of age. The change is ...view middle of the document...

” The reason that his theory is incorrect is because MMR is administered at a time when many children are diagnosed with autism, therefore it would be expected that most children with autism would have recently received an MMR vaccine. However, the determination of whether MMR causes autism is best made by studying the incidence of autism in both vaccinated and unvaccinated children was not done. Jenny McCarthy a widely known celebrity, also used Dr.Wakefield’s theory to back her opinion up. Although both have gone back on their original opinion, the damage has been done.
There have been four studies performed to refute the argument; The first Taylor Paper (1999), the JAMA Paper (2001), The British Medical Journal Paper (1988-1993), and the Second Taylor Paper. The First Taylor Paper written by Brent Taylor and colleagues examined the relationship between receipt of MMR and development of autism in an excellent, well-controlled study. Taylor examined the records of 498 children with autism or autism-like disorder and the incidence and age at diagnosis of autism in vaccinated and unvaccinated children. Taylor discovered that the percentage of children vaccinated was the same in children with autism as in other children in the North Thames region, there was no difference in the age of diagnosis of autism was found in vaccinated and unvaccinated children, and that the onset of "regressive" symptoms of autism did not occur within 2, 4, or 6 months of receiving the MMR vaccine. The JAMA Paper written by Nathalie Smith and colleagues examined the relationship between the increase in the number of cases of autism in California and recipients of the MMR vaccine. The percentage of children immunized with MMR vaccine between 1980 and 1994 was compared with the incidence of autism during the same period. She concluded that although there was an increase in the incidence of children with autism was reported, the percentage of children that received MMR vaccine remained the same. A second study by Brent Taylor and colleagues examined the relationship between MMR vaccine and "new variant autism" (Wakefield's claim that autism is associated with inflammation of the small intestine). Taylor compared the number of children with autism and intestinal symptoms before 1988 and after 1988 (MMR was introduced into England in 1988). There was no difference, therefore Taylor concluded that there was no evidence for "new variant autism" and provided further evidence that MMR vaccine was not associated with autism.
Even with all the statistics, people all over the United States are still opting out of childhood vaccinations. They believe that the increase of the diagnoses of Autism is due to vaccinations, period. Even with the legal and scientific research to disprove the theory. The primary reason for increase in the diagnosis is due more disorders being added to the Autism spectrum and that doctors have a better understanding of what the characteristics of Autism...

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