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The world has been cluttered with divergent predictions: some argue that robots will take our place, while others believe by destroying the nature, humanity will end up destroying itself. However, Dmitri Orlov, Russian-American engineer and writer, has predicted a notably different outcome of the future. Namely, he stated that the US is on a suicide watch, and that their utter collapse is only a matter of time. After my own research, I feel obliged to agree with his prediction as a most possible outcome, but with extension that the collapse will not only befall the US, but the whole world.
Firstly, I will attempt to show that the US, at this rate, is not on a sustainable trajectory and will ...view middle of the document...

In Italy, the unemployment rate has soared to an all-time record high of 12.1%, while the youth unemployment rate has risen to 41.6%. Because the level of poverty in Italy has never been this high, the President of Italy is openly warning of "widespread social tension and unrest" in his nation in 2014. Spain has an unemployment rate of 26.7%, while youth unemployment is now up to 57.7%. Other countries share the same problems. And when such situation is conjoined with the extreme recklessness of the Deutsche Bank, which is the most leveraged bank in Europe with 70 trillion dollars worth of exposure to derivates, one can only presuppose that the situation will be even worse. It is safe to state that the whole continent is slowly starting to fall into an economic mess.
As stated in my previous essay, China will also suffer in the future because of their one-child policy and increasing environmental problems. But what is with Russia? As Mr. Orlov pointed out in another interview, Russia, as already a post-apocalyptic country will stay stable for couple of decades, but only because they are rich in energy and resources. He is indicating that...

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