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Antigone Essay

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Harminder Pal SinghProf Mr. IsaacsIntro to EthicsProfessor 09/24/2014Paper #1In Sophocle's tragic play, Antigone, spirituality plays a larger part in the workings of the greek society. like in any other religion, fear of enraging God overpowers mans self judgment of ethics and righteousness. The characters of this play depict honor, glory and nobility. The Chorus, being the key character, consists of a group of elderly citizens of Thebes. By their help we can see how the common man is fooled by his power and how often he oversteps his bounds by taking his pride as logic.A great battle as been put to an end by the death of two rival brothers, Polynices and Eteocles. Polynices is considered a ...view middle of the document...

Meanwhile, Antigone, who is the sister of Polynices, rebels Creon's and believes her brothers soul would not receive peace unless he is buried. Displaying great honor and courage, she goes forth with the burial. While she mourns for his death, we hear from the chorus. At their first arrival we conclude that they respect and fear Creon's reign. Although being wise and godly men, they dismiss Polynices and praise creon's edict. The sentry guarding Polynices's corpse inform the enraged ruler, the corpse was given a proper burial and the culprit still not has been found. The Chorus suggests it being Gods doing. During this time we see the elders considering Gods law over Creons. Dismissing them, Creon believes that the Gods would not take the side of any traitor. Yet again we see Creon's God like pride coming in the way of his judgments. The Chorus then signs about how man can master his world but not his morality. They remind us that abuse of power can be punished not just by man, but by the Gods as well. Which Creon clearly ignores. By now we understand that the chorus praise man for his accomplishments but believes pride and power should be used in moderation. Antigone is brought infront of the chorus and Creon as the culprit. She denies nothing and argues that she did not disobey the Gods, but disobeyed a cruel pompous man. She continues her speech by insisting that both her brothers deserved proper burial regardless of their rivalry. Seeming honorable she sounds more reckless in the moment of bravado. Creon is enraged as he believes a woman cannot tell him how to rule. Because of his rage he sentences Antigone's plea as he believes his sister had equal involvement in the crime. Ismene appeals for her sisters life by reminding Creon that Antigone has been bethroved to his son, Haemon. Creon, seemingly unmoved, claims his son would never marry a traitor. They comment of Antigone's passion to have the likeliness of her father's. After this ode we see that although they praised her, but they also pity the misfortunes brought upon the Oedipus house. They believe Antigone's family to have been cursed with generations of sorrow and devastation. By this ode we can clearly tell that the Chorus realizes man is not capable of such power. Only the Gods such as Zeus can control it, subtly hinting this fact to Creon.Antigone is brought in front of the Chorus and Creon as the culprit. She denies nothing and argues that she did not disobey the gods, but disobeyed a cruel pompous man. She continues her speech by insisting that both her brothers deserved proper burials regardless of their rivalry. Seeming honorable she sounds more reckless in the moment of bravado. Creon is enraged as he believes a women cannot tell him how to rule. Because of his rage he sentences Antigone and her sister Ismene to death. He denies Antigone's pleas as he believes his sister had equal involvement in the crime. Ismene appeals for her sisters life by reminding Creon that Antigone...

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990 words - 4 pages Women often are put in positions that often create turmoil within themselves. Women tend to make decisions based more on emotion and values as opposed to what is dictated by governing laws and rulers. By choosing to do what is “right in their heart” women often suffer great consequences such as persecution, abuse, exile and even death. Antigone deals with this turmoil because she tries to perform the noble act of loyalty to her brother


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1706 words - 7 pages Antigone The main theme for Antigone is that people sometimes have to learn the hard way from their mistakes. This theme is expressed in the final four lines of the play. They read, There is no happiness where there is no wisdom; No wisdom but in submission to the gods. Big words are always punished, And proud men in old age learn to be wise. These lines are an important part of the play. They symbolize Creon's bad decisions, his

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1067 words - 5 pages The story of Antigone was a classic tragedy in Greek literature. She is the most famous ancient Greek tragedian shape as a heroine. Antigone’s Brother was in violation of the national law according to the city-state of the King---Creon, decrees the prohibiting of burial. Antigone was risking her life, courageously and firmly challenges this act, in accordance with the prevailing ritual burial of her brother. When the king, Creon asked


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2564 words - 10 pages Sophocles’ theme is traversed throughout the trilogy showing how Sophocles views a tragic hero. It is essential to first know the background information behind Antigone in order to fully comprehend the story. Two new characters are introduced in the previous play, Oedipus in Colonus. The story, Oedipus Rex, leaves off with Creon banishing Oedipus from Thebes. Because of his suffering, Oedipus exits Thebes as a humbled and god-centered

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1912 words - 8 pages There are many principles that exist in Sophocles? ?Antigone?. Three that are at stake in the central conflict are; the role of gender, pride, and human law vs. moral/divine law. Within these principles, the principle of power is intertwined.The principle of the role of gender is explored throughout ?Antigone?. The role of gender is a key principle as Creon relates women to being inferior to men. They must obey a man?s every command, and if they

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