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Antigone And Oedipus By Sophocles Essay

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“Antigone & Oedipus” By Sophocles are great stories of Tragedy and adversity. Creon, Oedipus and Antigone are truly engaged in struggle with reality, destiny and self-pity, for life.

“Oedipus The King” is the tragic story of a man of a noble structure but is triggered by great tragedies and realities of him-self that shatter his existence. From the beginning of the story Oedipus is shown as a noble caring man. He is greatly worried about the plague in Thebes “but my spirit grieves for the city, for myself and all of you” he tells the priest and his people of Thebes, however He is also impetuous and suspicious of the motive of His friends; But these flaws may not be considered as a reason to his down fall, His sins were committed unwittingly. The man at his elder age finds out the truth of his birth to Laius and Jacosta (his mother and wife) and that He is the murderer of His own father. This reality struck His soul and mind and filled him with the feeling of humiliation and disgust of his own being. He blinds himself and undergoes the sorrow of being exiled from his home and sent away from family to wander alone and finds His son’s leading opposite sides in Thebe's civil war, who died fighting each other for the throne.
“Antigone” is the story of Creon (brother of Jacosta and the new King of Thebes) and Antigone (the daughter of Oedipus and Jacosta). Creon, the new ruler of Thebes, had decided that Eteocles will be honored and Polyneices will be in public shame, the rebel brother's body will not be sanctified by holy rites, and will lie unburied on the battlefield, prey for carrion animals like worms and vultures; the harshest punishment at the time Antigone wants to bury Polyneices’s body, in defiance of Creon's edict and fulfills the deed. Antigone is different from the women of that time and has great fortitude. She shows herself duty-bound to the Gods, and thus to eternity “Who made this edict? Was it God? …… divine laws are not just temporary measures. They stand forever. I would have to face them when I died….” Antigone is courageous, bold and valiant, but at the same time kind, honorable and pious. It was the fact the she was outstanding amongst all women and that Creon had felt disgrace in being defied and out done by a woman, her act of piety had caused none to suffer but herself. Antigone had faced and felt the sorrows of her father, loss of her brothers, ignorance by her sister, when she needed support and separation from Haemon. She reveals her pain when she was sure her desire to live would weaken her “Take a good look. With life still in me, I’m going on my last journey, seeing for the last time the bright rays of the sun. Unmarried, never having heard my wedding song, Death takes me...

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