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Antigone And Oedipus Rex Final Essay

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Teiresias, a prophet used in Sophocles plays, once said to Oedipus “I say that with those you love best you live in foulest shame unconsciously and do not see where you are in calamity,” (Sophocles, 410). Teiresias spoke this to Oedipus in an attempt to influence into baring witness to the truth that hides behind his true family line. Oedipus in Oedipus The King was the father and brother to Antigone, Ismene, Polyneices, and Eteocles. Although Oedipus was unaware of the truth, his choices set him up for his banishment and blindness; with this, one can infer that with poor judgment comes poor decisions. Poor decision-making led three very important characters in the plays written by Sophocles ...view middle of the document...

Creons act brought fear to the people of Thebes; this reassured him that he had gained back the proper power to rule a city properly and strictly. Throughout the story, Creons pride became a key issue that eventually led to his downfall, it was Antigones first act of breaking the law that ended up triggering all of the following destruction.
Antigone’s disobedience to Creon, and her relationship with Haimon caused Creon to feel a larger need to give Antigone a more acute consequence, thus reinforcing his status as king. Being a woman, Antigone had caused a large disruption to Creons image and in his life; more so because she was part of the family, and living within Creons own household when she decided to act against him. According to Creon, this showed weakness and betrayal; Creon, feeling outraged, said, “Bring her out! Bring the woman out! Let her die before his eyes,” (Sophocles, 620). Out of his anger and disagreement with his son, he began punishing all those who made him angry. In most of the decisions made by Oedipus, Antigone and Creon, they had all been acting on some source of anger or a disagreement at the time. Anger was usually what resulted in the rash decisions that were made; one can infer that these decisions were only destroying the characters further.
Although Oedipus’ bad choices were set up by fate, one could suggest that moral decisions should be made by ones self, and by ones ability to do the right thing. While Oedipus is searching for the murderer of the old King Laius, he is mentally...

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