Antigone Argumentative Essay

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How would you feel if your one mistake caused you to lose everything that is important to you? This happens to multiple celebrities, but one professional athlete it affects severely is Tiger Woods. According to, Tiger lost everything from his personal relationships, to a yield in his professional career, all because he made the mistake of cheating on his wife. He contains many of the characteristics that one can consider him to be a tragic hero. One Greek tragedy that portrays a similar situation is Antigone by Sophocles. Creon makes the mistake of not listening to others, which causes him to lose all his loved ones and his kingdom. He best fits the mold of a tragic hero because he has the tragic flaw of excessive pride and he experiences an increased awareness.
Some may argue that Creon does not fit the mold of a tragic hero. They believe this is so because Creon's punishment is not excessive. Perhaps they think that the death of Creon's family members and loss of his kingdom is well deserved due to his wrongdoings. Although it is true that Creon makes a mistake, he is excessively punished even though he isn't directly at fault. This is illustrated when Creon finds out from the messenger that his wife blames him for the death of her and her son. Creon exclaims, “I am nothing. I have no life./ Lead me away.../ That have killed unwittingly/ My son, my wife./ I know not where I should turn,/ Where look for help./ My hands have done amiss, my head is bowed/ With fate too heavy for me” (Sophocles lines 1119-1126). Creon has to agonize in guilt because he knows he is the reason his family members are no longer living. One can agree that this is extremely unfair because he does not intend to lose everyone that is important to him. Along with his dead family members, the people of Thebes pay no heed that Creon tries to make amends for his mistakes, which results in having no one to turn to for help. When Creon decides to take his life because of the responsibility he takes on, one can consider this as over the top. This makes him a tragic hero because he has to suffer more than he needs to through devastating ramifications in a public and private manner. Creon's actions serve as a reminder that one should think logically about their actions before committing to them because they can avoid harsh consequences.
One reason Creon best fits the mold of a tragic hero is because he withholds the tragic flaw of excessive pride, which directly leads to his downfall. One instance where this is evident is when Creon is insisting he does not need to take advice from his son or anyone else. Creon barks, "The...