Antigone First Corinthians Essay

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Jesse RigdonSecond writing assignmentJon Smith24 Oct. 2014Antigone and First Corinthians Antigone and First Corinthians suggest that, regardless of religion, what happens after death is important. Many people are afraid of death because they fear what happens to them after they die. Different cultures and religions practice different burial ceremonies, and each culture believes something different about what happens to the soul of a person when they die. The soul is a collection of different energies, thoughts, and power and love a person has made for him or herself. The soul is eternal; there is no such thing as death for it. Death marks the beginning for the soul, passing it on to another life somewhere else. Many people fear death because it is the only certainty in life. No one knows death, we just know of it.Physical death is not the end, but rather a step forward towards a new life of the soul. Both ancient Greeks and Christians believed the soul is on a journey, and that there must be a method performed in order to complete the journey successfully. Ancient Greeks believed that the spirit left the body quickly at the moment of death. The deceased was then prepared for burial according to the time-honored rituals; a necessity of a proper burial. Performing the correct rituals for the dead was essential for assuring their passage into the afterlife. It was believed that if one failed to perform a proper burial, the soul of the deceased was destined to suffer between worlds until an individual's rite of passage into the underworld were completed. Antigone felt that it was her personal and moral obligation to bury her brother. She disagreed with Creon's laws and felt the obligation to concede with the laws of the gods and with what her family would have considered only just in giving Polyneices a proper burial. Antigone wanted to complete the journey of Polyneices' soul. Ismene, Antigone's sister, tried to urge her to be rational and warned her of the punishments she would have to endure if she disobeyed Creon's laws. She said, "Think what a death we'll die, the worst of all if we violate Creon's laws and override the fixed decree of the throne, its power - we must be sensible. Remember we are women, we're not born to contend with men…We're underlings, ruled by much stronger hands…I must obey the ones who stand in power. Why rush to extremes? It's madness." Ismene is not referring to a painful physical death, but rather a punishment to the soul after life. When she says, "We're underlings, ruled by much stronger hands…" she is talking about the gods and their plans for the souls of the people. The "fixed decree of...

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