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Antigone Study Guide. Essay

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Chorus: made up of about 15 elders of Thebes, 15 people who chant narrative odesChoragos: leader of the chorusParados: first ode, or choral song in a greek tragedy changed by the chorus as it entersthe area in front of the stageOde: each scene is followed by an ode. These odes served both to seperate one scencefrom the next and also to provide the chorus's response to the previous scene, interlude ingreek dramaStrophe: part of the ode that the chorus chants as it moves from right to left across thestageAntistrophe: part of the ode chant as the chorus moves back across the stage from left torightExodos: the final or exit sceneDrama: a story that is written to be acted for an audiencemajor elements of dramatic plot are: exposition, complications, climax, and resolutionTragedy: play, novel, or other narrative depicting serious and important events, in whichthe main character comes to an unhappy endTragic Hero/Heroine: hero neither good nor bad, highly renowned and prosperousTragic Flaw: a character weakness, or by forces beyond the character's controlCatharsis: emotional porging, emotional release following tragedyDramatic Irony: audience knows something characters don'tVerbal: speaker means one thing but means anotherSituational: what happens is opposite of what is expectedPoetic TechniquesMetaphor: figure of speech that makes a comparison between 2 unlike thing withoutusing like,asSimile: figure of speech that makes a comparison between 2 seemingly unlike things withconective wordImagery: language that appeals to the sensesAntigone is opposed to her radiant sister . Unlike her beautiful and docile sister, Antigoneis scrawny, sallow, withdrawn, and recalcitrant brat.The Chorus recounts the events leading to Antigone's tragedy. Oedipus, Antigone andIsmene's father, had two sons, Eteocles and Polynices. Upon Oedipus' death, it was agreedthat each would take the throne from one year to the next. After the first year, however,Eteocles, the elder, refused to step down. Polynices and six foreign princes marched onThebes. All were defeated. The brothers killed each other in a duel, making Creon king.Creon ordered Eteocles buried in honor and left Polynices to rot on the pain of death.It is dawn, and the house is still asleep.Antigone sneaks in...

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