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In the plays Antigone by Sophocles and Macbeth by Shakespeare, the lead feminine protagonists Antigone and Lady Macbeth are two women with strong beliefs, ambition, and personalities. They are both female characters with underlying power, and must fight the feminine social stereotypes in order to succeed. These women live in a time where men are ultimately superior, but end up having more mentality then any of the men in their plays anyway. These characters are both willing to do anything to achieve what they want, even if it is turning against the rules of society that have been built around strong feminine stereotypes. While these two women are trying to achieve two completely different ...view middle of the document...

She is mostly concerned with what is best for herself, whether it is power, fame, royalty- and doesn’t care how she gets it, as long as she does. Throughout the play, Lady Macbeth does not show signs of concern for her ethics or morals, especially god’s opinion on her actions, which is something Antigone feels very strongly about. Lady Macbeth will kill, lie, and manipulate people to get what she wants. “And fill m, from the crown to the toe, top-full, Of direst cruelty!”

Not only do the two characters have different morals, but different views of feminism and guilt as well. Antigone tends to embrace and use her emotion and femininity to her advantage. She uses her womanly traits and emotions to seek out the importance of family and her love for her brother, and then knows what is right and what needs to be done. “And now you can prove what you are: a true sister, or a traitor to your family.” Lady Macbeth, on the other hand, hides and scolds herself for showing emotion and femininity. “Had he not resembled My father as he slept, I had done’t.” She treats her femininity as a weakness, as something holding her back from accomplishing what she wants. “Unsex me here!”. She abuses all sense of family and love, and takes advantage of the ones she is supposed to love and care for. The main difference between Lady Macbeth and Antigone is that Antigone finds that being a woman is empowering, no matter the circumstances, and stands up for herself and the rights she deserves to have. “Creon is not strong enough to...

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