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Antiguan Paints: Lack Of Communication And Poor Organizational Structure

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As this case analysis was thoroughly investigated we have discovered that the company Antiguan paints had some major problems, after careful consideration and collaboration it has been established that the core problems which hinders the success of Antiguan Paints are as a result of the lack of organization structure and Communication. The Satellite problems stated within this case study are management, leadership, role conflict and role ambiguity. Organization structure can be defined as the process that determines the authority relationships amongst employees within an organization. Communication can be considered as a process or flow, it conveys a message and it is the transference of understanding and meaning, it is also physical as well as psychological.

Summary of the Facts
Antiguan Paints was formed in 1980 by a group of local businessmen who came together to take over a foreign owned company that had gone into voluntary liquidation. The company continued to make a loss after two years and as a result of the loss they hired a consultant, Mr. Stanley Edwards with whom they depended on to make major decisions within the organization. During Mr. Edwards’s stint at Antiguan Paints he was informed of various complaints against Mr. Hilary Frankly. It has been said that it was a case of no management rather than mismanagement seeing that Mr. Franklyn was not able to cope with people. The majority of employees came from the same neighborhood as Mr. Franklyn. Mr. Franklyn allowed the workers to lime and play cards during work hours, he allowed tardiness for example employees being late from which he did nothing. Mr. Franklyn took the responsibility and did all the work himself.

Causes of the Problem
Firstly, Antiguan Paints encountered numerous problems. These problems can be defined as inefficient management, leadership, role conflict and role ambiguity. According to Henry Fayol in the early 20th century it is mentioned that management is described as the attainment of organizational goals in an effective and efficient manner through planning, leading, controlling and leading organizational resources. Leadership is the process of developing ideas and visions, its living by values that support those ideas and vision, influencing others to embrace their own behaviors, and also allows individuals to make hard decisions about humans and other resources. Role conflict refers to differing expectations of or demands on a person at work that becomes excessive. Role ambiguity is seen in situations where employees are uncertain about their assigned job duties and responsibilities. Management displayed precisely no leadership skills when they decided to take over the foreign-owned company which was in voluntary liquidation and not restructuring the company before they began operations. An example of role conflict can be seen in the case of Mr. Edwards currently holding both positions of the financial controller and assistant...

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