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Antislavery And Abolitionist Movement Essay

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The United States of America was a country that was free to all of its citizens, if they had white skin. Unfortunately for the African-Americans who had been forced into slavery, there appeared to be no way out of the predicament they were in. In the early decades of the 19th century, there was a movement called the antislavery movement, and the slaves had some reason to want to live again. Later on there would be another movement in the 1830’s known as the abolitionist movement, ran by two legendary Americans William Lloyd Garrison and Fredrick Douglas. Both movements were monumental to the country in moving forward, and would prove to be vital to the emancipation of slaves. With both movements in affect and the push toward the end of slavery the idea to end slavery in America was going to be now or never.
The antislavery movement had begun in the early 1800’s and would continue on for many decades, until it had finished its task to end slavery in the United States. This movement had helped keep slavery out of the North, and stopped international slave trade in 1808. Great antislavery leader William Wilberforce from Britain had been an important figure in the end of slavery and helped to do so in the British Empire. This showed the world that if a country as dominant as Great Britain could end slavery than it was possible for all other nations including the land of the free. This movement did not really take off until the 1830’s; due to many of its members being quiet and not really getting engaged in the movement. During the antislavery movement members of the American Colonization Society attempted to bring the abducted Africans back to their homeland, even though they had been three or four generations removed. This was done with great intentions, but ultimately was an epic failure.
After the 1830’s there was another movement called the Abolitionist movement, and included many historical figures that would stand up for what they felt was right. William Lloyd Garrison was a white abolitionist who founded a newspaper called the Liberator in Boston in 1831. Garrison felt that Americans should not look at slavery from the point of view of the white slave owner but instead the black slave and that instead of limiting slavery he wanted to abolish it completely....

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